It’s late at night
Worldwide so much fright
I can’t stop thinking
Millions drowning themselves by drinking

Out and about cloaked in darkness
People in problems held and harnessed
It pains me to imagine what could be happening
As I sit here and count my blessings

So much insanity
Lives torn with calamity
All this surrounds me
As I sit here writing poetry

No more slavery
No more blasphemy
No more catastrophe
No more treachery
Just some things that would be nice to see

I’m still contemplating
All the realities
All the fantasies
All the wishful thinking

Progression requires a dive
Desire is needed to thrive
Let’s see improvement arrive
Because hope is still alive


As the earth uncovers
I think of all those laid to rest
The loved ones left behind in this adventure
Each day that goes by brings forth yet another test

Those left with you are a gift
Cherish your loved ones and relationships
Don’t let the time slip

We want what we don’t have
But take what we got for granted
Appreciate all that you have obtained
Whether through hard work or charity

Keep your head held high, smile wide
Allow the memories to mold you
This life right now is where we reside
Temporary, so try to enjoy the ride
When it gets tough… remember you’re an overcomer, you can make it through


I salute all the woman who are abused
The ones out there feeling used
Those who feel the need to hide
Because they’re still living, denying suicide

Even with the difficulties they now face
When torment and pain elevate at a consistent pace
They are still there enduring it, hoping for a new day
Change is on its way, so don’t be afraid

Move toward the better place that is yours to find
If you want it enough you’ll make it through the grind
You don’t deserve the mistreatment, your purpose is more
Getting through these tough times will allow you to soar

Take the step to open the door
Leave the rocky journey behind
Step out onto a new vibrant shore
The adventure of life where love is fully entwined


(This was a verse I had written for a song in which I ended up scrapping because I took the song in a different direction)

I remember your scent, your touch
Was somethin’ I wanted forever girl
I loved you so much, so much
You invigorated my mind, it was a thrill

I came to be a better man by your hands
It was a delight, when you were in my sight
I was always glad we were more than just friends
I miss your intuition and your insight

Why did we part ways though, it all felt so real
I never wanted to live another day apart
Your love was all I wanted to feel
How did we get here after such a great start

The memories will be haunting me
I thought we had somethin’ great
You were my sunshine, my everything
I wish I knew the reason, to end this internal debate

Because without your presence I feel lost
I could’ve never imagined this life with you gone


When it comes to relationships I don’t play games
I don’t think it’s appropriate for any charades
I’m pretty clear with my intentions
However, these days the field doesn’t welcome a gentleman

Hard to go out and remain how I was raised
When everything these days appears to be a game
All kinds of different nuances, nothing is the same
Yet, some of my unique aspects still get praised

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never change
You’ll never see me become a scumbag
I’ll never fall into the category for the deranged
I’d rather surrender and wave the white flag

All too often I see unhappiness roaming about
Seeing some quality people facing great pains
As I move forward all I seem to view is doubt
When will society again see love experience a gain

So many lies and time spent looking at tape
Why not live a little truth and acquire something great
It’s almost as if this aspect of life needs to be reshaped
Redone… remade… so it can start with a clean slate

Hard to perceive what is to come
We all have free will, the choices of freedom
Can we escape the ridiculous plots we’ve made
Or are the discrepancies to deep to evade


Put us in water, we are all wet
Put us in fire, we all burn
In order to live we all need that next breath
We’re a lot alike as this world turns

Despite the segregations and stereotypes
Humans are one race, one kind
Don’t get caught up in the hype
Open your hearts and recognize the signs

We all have been born and entered in naked
We’ll all die at some point in time
We all need our vital organs to live
The facts are there without the grime

Hatred is learned and developed
Simply put, there’s no real need for it
Love can conquer all things and be felt throughout
Let it resonate within your journey to silence all doubt


As I venture out there are many surprises
One that happens all too often is the lack of Fathers
Many times they run out on the family, to keep their guises
What did the children due to deserve it, didn’t they love the Mothers

It is a sad sight to see the lust win
So often love is said, but not put into action
They want to get to the most beautiful aspect, just no commitment
Resulting in many lives being sent into destruction

Where has the control gone, it can’t be the years
What exactly has changed for this to persevere
Why is it that so many just won’t shift gears
The problems are evident, pretty crystal clear

As the differing thoughts race in my mind
I continue to see this on the streets time after time
I wonder how someone could pass up seeing those smiles
Why is it that they would forfeit those memories that are so worthwhile

I struggle with these realities because it is so against me
It isn’t something I could ever imagine doing
For certain views these days to be so unique
Just really astonishes how it is I think, since morality seems bleak


Look at the office of a plastic surgeon
Waiting lists full and lines stacked
What is it that all of these people are doin’
Trying to fix what isn’t broken because society is cracked

I believe women have it the hardest
Expected to resemble a certain mold
They get projected in ways that aren’t honest
So they toss themselves into the surgical fold

Sad to see such beauty be tampered with
Everyone is unique and fine in their design
To get “amplified” is a thought that should be dismissed
Changing for others isn’t how you should be defined

Being comfortable in your own skin
Seems to be a view of the past
All these procedures being done, it’s wearing thin
The notion of self respect allowing natural beauty to last
Is fading quick due to this pressure of so called “perfection”

I personally can’t see the allure
If you weren’t harmed, why change
It’s probably something I’ll never quite figure
There is always beauty, after all it is rather normal to age

The eyes of the beholder will always sway
But let me ask are your eyes the ones deciding
Your body doesn’t need unnecessary pain today
Be true to you, not in the ways that the media may be providing


You speak a word, it reverberates
The ears tingle, the mind concentrates
Left bouncing around with different meanings
Caught up in the ways of influencing

The more that you release
The more the senses tease
It affects all those in proximity
Is it clean or does it create calamity

Like yelling into a cave
Airwaves bouncing around with what you say
Encaged, enough to drive one insane
What is it that you voice today

Those listening, absorb your sentiments
The messages pinging of varying elements
How should one react
When everything said leaves a lasting impact

Careful about the words you spread
Because once they enter the head
They’ll be of great significance
Besides everyone’s wellbeing is of relevance

Dear Jillian,

When I saw you on that stage, I saw a star
It was wonderful getting to know who you are
The anti-bully, a success story, a survivor
Voicing through song of how you overcame the torture

Magnificent voice of varying degrees
I am sure your parents are more than pleased
You’ve touched countless lives
Helped others through difficult times

The dream you have to keep singing
Is a goal I know you’ll achieve
Your influence is still ringing
An aid to others is what I believe

Your talent is superb there is no doubt
However your heart is what really shouts
The love you have to end any hate
Shows your inner desires, which are great

The competitions were stepping stones
It is always a pleasure to see how you’ve grown
With each project comes a new sense
Another step forward to rid the darkness

One day your platform will be quite grand
You’re meant to reach all the lands
Stay true to the core value of love
Don’t fall away no matter how hard others may shove

I wish you nothing but the best
Continue to press on through the tests
Be the best you that you can be
Never stop utilizing the strength of your testimony


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