Never give up, never give in
You’re a true gem
Never step away from your gifts
You’re so very talented

Nobody should ever deny
That you’re a sight for sore eyes
Nobody should ever claim
That you should be ashamed

No one can honestly say
You’ve been selfish or portrayed dismay
No one has the right
To try and deter you from shining bright

Not once, not twice
But always you treat people nice
Not now, not here
Will you ever succumb to fear

Never feel that you need to change
You have so much going for you day to day
Never give in to those who hate
You’re far too special and heart is too great


That sparkle, that glimmer
In those eyes it never goes dimmer
That color, that shine
In those eyes it always appears divine

When I look into those eyes I’m lost in bliss
Each time experiencing joy as I reminisce
Never a dull moment when you’re around
Comfort and happiness is all that I’ve found

You’re always such a delight
Well mannered and caring to those in your sight
Not many out there exemplify what is kind
But you accomplish it time after time

Your demeanor still so innocent
Despite being a young woman who’s endured tough incidents
Quality is always what you present
A wonderful individual who is full of confidence

A refreshing personality lies behind those eyes
As beautiful characteristics reside within your mind
I applaud the community that you have designed
It is a place where many can go to escape the grind


I lay my eyes on more than just beauty
It is a wonder of genuine integrity
There is no illusion of positivity
It is as authentic as one could experience in reality

Many state the obvious of the outward appearance
While I gaze into the inner practices
The character of your mind and compassion of your heart
Emotions that aren’t fake and rank high on the chart

Unique is what could define you
However, that just seems to simplistic to do
There is always a bright light that shines through and through
Whether it reflects in your smile or attitude

The elements of fun and entertainment that you provide
Are unlike anyone else that goes along for this ride
Success is just one aspect that you’ve obtained
But a lasting friendship is what you care to remain

Special interactions are hard to witness
You’ve got vast intelligence
So to see you progress
Is satisfaction at its finest

Making the move from paradise to independence
Is a noble venture that further enhances your radiance
Your soft gentle voice brings joy to all who hear
As each day passes, more and more begin to cheer

There are many things I see at just a glance
So much potential within you that has yet to be tapped
Even with how much you’ve already gained
There is plenty more ahead for you that has yet to be explained

Stay true to you in all that you do
As many have come along to help support you
I’m glad to have found a diamond in the rough
A woman who is not only elegant, but also tough
Keep doing what you do in reflecting such great love


I may catch a lot of hate
That’s fine, that’s great
It isn’t easy bein’ right
But well worth the fight

You know me, I say only in marriage
With many, they’ll just disparage
That’s fine, I realize difference
Everyone has free will insistence

Regardless we can all agree
There shouldn’t be sex without that respect degree
So many voice how they’ve been used
Or mistreated and at times mentally abused

It’s a vicious cycle this sexual craze
With everyone scramblin’ through this maze
It leaves many in a haze
Focused on one thing as they steadily gaze

I’m tired of hearin’ the complaints
When it was their choice to taint
Their special gift
Through means that are illegitimate

It isn’t so much the whining
As it is the stupidity and timing
Actions speak louder than words
So if you don’t get respect expect the absurd

Just because someone says one thing
Doesn’t mean you should submit willingly
There are more lies to acquire pleasure
Than you will ever be able to measure

If one can’t bother to commit
You can bet their intent isn’t legit
So many aspects to a relationship
Why focus on sex when so much more is relevant

Many these days intertwine before they kiss
If you look at a target, that’s clearly a miss
The switch needs to be flipped
Back to romance, chivalry, and courtship

No need for unwanted pregnancies and disease
Or the development to be in the realm of cheat
So many are depleted and relationships ruined
All because sex was willy nilly, not knowin’ what they’re doin’

If you don’t get respect, why give sex
Somethin’ so special, somethin’ so complex
There’s no reason to sell yourself short
Maintain your integrity, no need for the export

But let’s be real for a second
Many just don’t have self respect
Which leaves cracks in their dignity
Allowin’ for the messes of insanity

No respect… No sex
It’s a simple concept
Even though our views may be different on when
That principle should still apply over and over again


Eyes closed, mind open
I fall to my knees with my heart broken
The images of a battered public
Violence and hatred continuin’ to make me sick

Can’t hesitate to settle down and pray
Since we need divine intervention on this day
Yes we’re all human, but all I see are monsters
We should be lovin’, but instead are torturers

Pick up the pace on this change they say
When in reality it’s more destructive than foul play
There are all these hesitations for the conclave
With far too many people enterin’ an early grave

What’s the case, why the tragedies
Within every place, you see countless felonies
I suppose evil has started the race quickly
So there’s no time for too good to go slow and steady

Don’t focus on the popularity
Do what’s actually right through morality
Each time I blink another soul is lost
Is this world really worth the cost

I almost can’t stand to see all that’s empty
The hearts of those who impose all the fallacy
Livin’ in these times it’s a harsh reality
Being as we just can’t move past our fantasy

No one’s perfect, not one country
Not one group, not the one you’re electing
I hold compassion and great sympathy
However the terrible nature continues with the clock ticking


Listen while you read here

Thank you God… Thank you Jesus

It’s a celebration… life indeed is a celebration
Here we are again the end of another album
Thank you to all who took the time to listen
Thanks to all who have supported me over time
I appreciate all of the comments and likes amongst my creations

I hope you enjoyed this most recent project
There was once a time I thought I was finished
Lo’ and behold here I am still goin’
There will be more music in the future as time permits
But as this album was titled, I hope you to are lifted

There is a lot to celebrate despite all the drama
Keep your head up and push through the dilemma
Thank you to all the producers who helped inspire this end result
There are a lot of talented people out there that are incredibly gifted

Never be afraid to be yourself and showcase your creativity
Speak your mind and ask questions… learn while you can
Life is a wonderful thing and achievements bring quality satisfaction
I get the pleasure of making music for anyone who will hear
It’s been an awesome journey to continue to meet more and more people… it’s fascinating

I hope that the times ahead will provide as many memories as the past
It is always worthwhile to try and improve the lives of others
To hear that you’ve been an inspiration or have brought comfort to someone else
The feeling it’s truly indescribable
I do this because it brings me joy and it is something that I love to do

It is my hopes others will find what helps them improve and pursue it
There is never a moment that is wasted when you let yourself live
Don’t wallow in guilt or doubt, reach the celebration that is your success
It doesn’t matter what others say or do, if you know it’s right… seize it
Respect others and keep them in mind, but don’t let them control your life

The only limitations that can restrict someone are themselves
There are plenty of opportunities to develop and progress
Some more difficult than others, but determination is a great attribute
Find your motivation and proceed to accomplish the goals you set
Whatever it is you feel preventing you from doing so are just excuses
Again, the only real thing that can hold you back is you

I’ve been around some great people in my life
All of whom have taught me a lesson in some form or fashion
I have seen some great examples of endurance and strength
People overcoming odds that seemed rather daunting
But nonetheless they pulled through the circumstances and were better for it

I try to soak in as much as I can to help myself better understand all different aspects
There are many differences of opinion over various topics
However, there is a common ground that can be found with everyone you meet

There really is no reason to be hateful
Everyone has had difficulties and struggles
Each day we come out of a sleep is a celebration
We get the opportunity to live and impact this world around us
Not everyone has equal resources, but they have equal opportunity to succeed

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or how much money you have
Utilize what it is you do have around you and build
Quitting before ever getting started is far too common
There is always a way to help someone even if it is just yourself
But the more lives you touch, the more support you’ll have

So the next time you are asking yourself if it is worth it
As the saying goes, with great risk comes great reward
Believe in yourself and trust your passion
The time is now to uplift others
The time is now to uplift yourself

It’s a celebration, so don’t sit on the sidelines
Become an integral part of it

Thank you again for your time in listening
I truly appreciate every second of it
I hope all is well for you and yours
Have a great day and until next time God Bless you!


Listen while you read here

I was born in brazil, adopted then raised in Michigan
I’ve been brought up as an American
Livin’ life in the sense of freedom
Not because of the stars and stripes, but Christ

At an early age I was introduced to sacrifice
My parents worked hard for me to grow up nice
I never imagined the type of legacy I was following
Until I began to mature when I was in my teens

Lookin’ at the past service of my family
A mission began to come clear to me

I never imagined at age nine
That my stock in life would rise
It was then I first had real responsibility
The first nephew who began lookin’ up to me

Not long after a second was on the way
My life unfoldin’ into somethin’ other than a mystery
As I continued to grow more talents displayed
I was athletic, into tech, and writin’ poetry

Then someone said to get into recording
Years went by, I finally picked up a mic and the rest was history

You see I never planned to do much
This was all just a hobby to fool around and stuff
It wasn’t until more people caught onto it
That I really began to see inspiration bein’ a hit

I’m still surprised to see what God has done
This hasn’t been anything more than fun
Yet, it has gotten to a global level
Reachin’ masses of people when I only aim to please one

It’s been a blessing in disguise
Especially with how time flies
I don’t want to be in the spotlight
I just want to encourage others to do right

Reach out and make a difference in life
There isn’t a reason to hold back
A lot of pressure on me to get a wife
So I can carry on the family track

I’d much rather be a renaissance to rap
Or more specifically whatever it is that’s God’s plan
As long as I continue to awake each day
Expect a new track at some point to play

To be quite honest I didn’t expect to go this long
It’s been quite a few years now since my first song
But here I am continuing to age and being used in music
Who knew the diverse audience that would listen to my exclusives
Every continent… it’s just amazin’

Live up to your highest potential
Be used in a way that’s positive and professional
You’re uniquely made and highly substantial
Partake in the gifts you’ve been given and make it official

Here I am just a normal guy still wonderin’ why
Pressin’ forward for the great message to be heard before I die
Welcome to my origins, I hope you enjoyed your stay
Stand up firmly with faith, don’t be afraid

Chase what you love and the rest will be ok
Never doubt yourself at any point in any way

I Will

Listen while you read here

Today it’s used as an insult
Everybody rushin’ to this new cult
People want to crucify religion
Tryin’ to make fun of us Virgins
It’s crazy, get use to it… we’re different

1st Verse:
Many people doubtin’
My integrity and its silly
I’m genuine, yes a virgin
Not interested in your mimicry

I’ve climbed the mountains to abstain
Runnin’ from the temptations each day
You ask how is it possible to do so
Well, it’s been a mindset from the get go

I’ve been straight forward from the start
A man of my word with Christ in my heart
I never allowed an opportunity to waver
No matter how many times I might’ve craved her

Many women with such beauty
I’ve remained true and I’m nearin’ thirty
I’ve never been one to cheat
So why would I slip up before obtainin’ a wifey

You and I are obviously different
I don’t demand respect I just get it
The women aren’t mine to objectify
There’s a far greater reason they’re alive

So to seek only one thing is despicable
I’m not exaggeratin’, I’m bein’ quite literal
The notion of seekin’ temporary pleasure
Isn’t the reason we’ve been given this life adventure

Now close your eyes and ask
Why you want acceptance but diminish another’s tracks

These days people are so concerned with the feels
Little do they know the reality of what’s real
I’ve been accepted and rejected, what’s the deal
I’m not concerned with their judgment, so no need to appeal (x2)

I don’t buy into the gossip
And I’d rather not deal with your problems

I will maintain my virgin status, I will… I will
I will do it for the only King reignin’ right now
I will, I will… I will

Yeah, I won’t give up on this commitment
Just to appease your addictions

I will maintain my virgin status for the true King reignin’
Yes I will, I will… I will

2nd Verse:
Now that I’m older people focused on marriage
As if they don’t have enough to fit on their carriage
I’m in no rush to delve into the mixed messages
I’ve made peace with the percentages

I’m set to ride out my life just fine
I don’t need sex to feel alive
So many differentiations you’ll see
But conformity to self just isn’t me

There’s always an attraction
It’s hard to avoid women when in motion
Even if your life is stagnant
It’s innate to have that passion

People look at my past puzzled
Goin’ through a big college, but kept it muzzled
It wasn’t easy as there were plenty
Of offers to go about fornicating

I may be stronger than the average
But not some super hero, just a simple advantage
I’ve been blessed to know value
To experience what love is from someone true

God doesn’t test me to fail, but failure is an option
Evil exists and many want to alter my situation
However I’m beyond their attempts to slay
That respect I hold for each and every lady

These days people are so concerned with the feels
Little do they know the reality of what’s real
I’ve been accepted and rejected, what’s the deal
I’m not concerned with their judgment, so no need to appeal (x2)

I don’t buy into the gossip
And I’d rather not deal with your problems

I will maintain my virgin status, I will… I will
I will do it for the only King reignin’ right now
I will, I will… I will

Yeah, I won’t give up on this commitment
Just to appease your addictions

I will maintain my virgin status for the true King reignin’
Yes I will, I will… I will

If you’re a virgin… don’t be ashamed, be proud of what you are

These days people are so concerned with the feels
Little do they know the reality of what’s real
I’ve been accepted and rejected, what’s the deal
I’m not concerned with their judgment, so no need to appeal (x2)

I don’t buy into the gossip
And I’d rather not deal with your problems

I will maintain my virgin status, I will… I will
I will do it for the only King reignin’ right now
I will, I will… I will

Yeah, I won’t give up on this commitment
Just to appease your addictions

I will maintain my virgin status for the true King reignin’
Yes I will, I will… I will

Be proud… don’t be ashamed, be proud
Don’t listen to all the negative hateful sounds
Stay true to you and that significant other you’ll commit to


Listen while you read here

It was by grace this pathway was paved
Little did I know when my time came
Sacrifice is engrained within us all
We can either use it or deny the call

Acknowledgment is a rare utility
We need to embrace our surroundings
Living for ourselves is detrimental
Since in the end we’ll all eventually fall

Knowing a memory and idea can live on
Why would one have greed with no bonds
Relationships are meant to endure
It is part of the way we can really prosper

Uniquely channeling our purpose
Can take a lot of practice and patience
For those that don’t know this
They’ve most likely indulged in ignorance

Faith resides in our very existence
But many choose not to believe its relevance
Opening our minds on a daily basis
Can grant us a prominent oasis

You can only find that which you seek
So don’t hesitate to step away from the bleak
We’re not meant to remain empty
Choose to fulfill your life with meaning

I’m not one who tries to be the best
But will give my all until I’m laid to rest

Lie In Darkness

Listen while you read here

In a world so dark we sometimes forget the good
We’re told to do certain things as if we should
But are they really the best options
With so much fear and instability, we need solutions
All the problems that surface it’s hard to take
Are you not tired of all this heartache

Sympathy seems to be lacking
We’d much rather go out and tweet
Whatever it is a celebrity says like a parakeet
Becoming more and more like sheep

So intent to share things on facebook
Instead of enterin’ the real world showcasin’ our outlook
Airin’ out dirty laundry an enhanced form of gossip
It’s no mystery why hatred continues to blossom

Throw out a photo on instagram about a cause
While actually sittin’ privately frozen in a pause
Bein’ primarily focused on acquirin’ likes and follows
Just shows how much humanity has hollowed

We now anticipate rewards without any pursuit
Hardly anyone speakin’ up for hope, it’s as if most are on mute
I’m left curious on what technology has done
Supposedly it produces connection, but I see none

Since when did risk symbolize impossible
The amount of lazy has become despicable
This darkness that continues to consume
Will eventually lead us into our doom

There are many attempts to preserve a sense of trust
When in reality the actions just resemble a bust
It’s hard to invest in somethin’ that can end up corrupt
Too many want materials that will one day just be dust

Wake up… seriously wake up

Life comes and goes
Don’t lie in the darkness with no hope
Analyze your surroundings, are they pleasant
If not, swallow your pride and repent
It’s simple the work has been completed
But your journey is meant to help repeat it


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