1 Man 1 Woman

Where is the debate
Why is it hate
What is there to contemplate
Who is it that discriminates
When was it wrong to be straight

With the anatomy of our bodies
It purely gives proof we should reproduce
1 Man, 1 Woman is what it takes
This is not a mistake
How can it be argued by anybody
Marriage is a bond that is intended to create
Create love, create family, create opportunity
1 Man, 1 Woman… no excuse

Why get criticized for these beliefs
Why do we get accused of hate
Why do gays legitimize their agenda
To tear down the gate of fate
That has been established since the first days

How is it right to put on a parade
That is for gay’s, but not for the straight
How is it correct to proclaim gay
But to discuss straight is considered shady

This isn’t about a human ideal
The emphasis on a bond is spiritual
When does “love” become real
Marry the same, what do you gain
Is it then that incest and bestiality are ok

A line has been drawn since time begun
We humans are the prize creation
1 Man and 1 Woman make the doctrine correct
Opposites are what makes a mate legitimate

How do homosexuals think they were born
Was it through their ways or heterosexual form
Can’t see where they can go against straight
They wouldn’t have life without it being that way

1 Man, 1 Woman is what makes marriage
1 Man, 1 Woman is what makes a couple
1 Man, 1 Woman put babies in the carriage
1 Man, 1 Woman make life supple

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