9 Months

We talk about plants, organisms, and reproduction
Nothing quite compares to the gardening
That is done with the human seed
No other process so fascinating, end of discussion

A 9 month process
A 9 month bond
A 9 month journey
A 9 month endeavor
That carries on for the child and mother
A relationship so precious that lasts forever

Each stage presents something incredible
The reliance of the baby on the mother
Nothing can compare, it is almost unfathomable
Highly more valuable than a typical treasure
The life being created within that woman brings great pleasure

The vibrance in the eyes of a lady who’s pregnant
Nothing can compare to the glow
In which the instinct brings, it never reaches a plateau

As the baby develops in the womb
No other bond of creation can assume
The same greatness that takes place
In this 9 month development of grace

The relationship that forms within the heart
The heart of the mother and the child
Over the course of this journey ever so wild
An endeavor needing commitment and love from the start

This period of time bringing mixed emotion
Congratulations and thank you to those women who have the notion
To complete this task that brings forth a life
The greatest gift, an admirable devotion

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