A Love like Her

I simply can’t ever say
That there has been a girl to make feel this way
All I want to do is cuddle and love each and every day
To be by her side forever always

I know it isn’t natural to have such a connection
A love like this just doesn’t seem to happen
Who would’ve thought I could find a beauty
To correctly match up with me consistently

I want to wake up and look into her eyes
Wipe the tears from her cheek when she cries
Shelter her away from the evil this world supplies
All while makin her comfortable like an angel in the sky

She may have known before I ever did
That our union was meant to be this candid
But I’ve come around to know, with her as my vision
The one that took me to new heights with precision

I am elevated with her embrace
Truly strengthened when a smile reaches her face
I am glad I have finally finished the race
To find such a dove to give me such grace

Every day we spend together I think back of no other
She alone is the one I cherish in this endeavor
Take my hand girl and walk with me down this path
So we can allow this love to continue to last

No other woman has ever made me feel the way you do
You are centered in my circle of life, you know it’s true
Every artist has their masterpiece and mine is you
I am man enough to admit love, that you are my muse

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