A Necessary Epidemic

If you sit back and take a look
There are more questions than answers
Unless you take a look within the good book
That is the place where plans are portrayed
In such a way that there are no mistakes
You can access his goodness through prayers

With more prayer comes more power
So don’t be a coward
Stand firm in your beliefs
The Lord brings blessings to the meek

Don’t allow conformity
To be the reason you allow this insanity
To develop around your personal affairs
The one who truly cares
Needs you to surrender yourself
So he can work through you to your neighbors

The epidemic that needs to be released
Is one that comes from spirituality
The virus that needs to be contagious
Is the one that comes from the light of Jesus

There is too much evil lurking today
The disease and suffering that comes from it
Needs to be erased and cured by the Holy Spirit
That is the only way

God’s plan will always take precedent
Over any human’s personal judgement
There is no need to fight against the calling he has for you
Just sit back and be happy that he wants you to
Be something more than what the world sees
Once he enters, you become complete
Those without him know that there is something missing

That is why we need to spread God’s word
Before those who aren’t saved are gone forever
We need to acquire that desire
To spread Christ’s message like wildfire
Hence the importance of sacrifice in order to inspire

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