A Right to Birth

Gracious beginnings
May have resulted from people sinning
But it doesn’t mean they should have the right
To prevent your life from happening

Gradual life growing
Trying to say you had it without knowing
The choice came prior to the event
That lead to this improper judgement

Without any assistance
What would it become after a fetus
You or I, him or her, no reason to die
Cruel and unusual punishment all of a sudden subsides
Because it’s an organism within the mother’s insides
I don’t recall there being any such right
That allowed murder to occur any day or night

Life is meant to take flight
Not to be taken away
Just because someone made a mistake
Does not make it ok
Why should the baby take the blame
Even with a low statistic such as rape
It doesn’t legitimize the escape
Of the life that it may bring

Many today live
Because of the gift
That allowed no harm to be done
Regardless of how the life begun

Nobody is perfect, but everyone deserves
An equal chance at life’s endeavors

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