Why do some people agree that this is even acceptable? How can one justify the killing of a human being? Many make the arguments that the stage at which the procedures take place the baby isn’t yet human, what!?! If you were to leave what they call a fetus be, what is it that this fetus would then grow into? If your answer isn’t human, baby, or child then may God help you because you are uneducated and need to learn. Why is there such an ambition to turn this into a hidden agenda in order to make legal? Within new proposals trying to lather up something good for the mass public legalizing abortion seems to be hidden within the same documents. What is the need to try and kill unborn babies? I don’t see a need to cut down on population, we need these fresh new bodies and minds to come along to help improve the place in which we live. Just think how many cures for cancer, inspiring speakers, presidents, and genius’s of all kinds people may have killed by doing this. There are specific reasons that people use to try and justify such an action, which is pretty much pathetic. People never view their own life and think of how their situation could have been similar. Would you have then dropped the hammer on yourself before even giving yourself the chance to live? All of the people who are trying to make these decisions seem to have been given a chance at life, so why is it they are so eager to prevent the same opportunity for others?

Even though rape is awful, more times than not this isn’t the case when young women go into the clinics. Most times these days the unfortunate outcome of murder is resulted after a rape. Plus with the increase of birth control usage, I would imagine that the rate of pregnancies caused by rape would decrease. There isn’t a justification for rape, it is never acceptable to have happen. I am not going to say that it is fine, but how is it fair to take the actions of the perpetrator out on the child that would be growing? The young woman who got assaulted will never forget that experience anyway, so why do so many people try to make these particular women feel it is fine to murder the child? They say the child will be a reminder, if anything it will help bring the mother something positive from the awful event that occurred. Think about it, if she went through with the procedure to kill the baby not only would she be thinking about the assault… but now also what the child could have been like and her denial of that child a chance at life. There have been many cases in which terrible things have happened. There are plenty of scenarios you can throw out that people argue for the right to choose abortion. The bottom line is at the end of the day it is murder and the prevention of a life from starting. How would you feel if it was made legal for someone to just pull the trigger on your life at random before you got to experience something that everyone else has been able to?

Eluding to the last question, let’s say for example you aren’t living the way a few particular people that surround you are expecting you to. Do you think it should be ok for them to choose to end your life simply because you aren’t up to their standards? The overwhelming answer should be NO! Imagine if there were some form of deadline on everyday living with people getting their lives ended. Some examples could be prior to sixteen so they couldn’t drive, prior to eighteen so they couldn’t vote, or prior to twenty one when everything else then becomes legal. Those are young ages and many have said that there lives haven’t yet really developed or have even had the chance to truly live because of how limited there experiences may have been in such a short time. So why is it acceptable to end an unborn babies life who won’t get any of these choices because their deadline is birth? Everyone can come to the common consensus that murder is wrong, so why do they allow themselves to be persuaded that abortion is not murder? You are taking away a life, end of story. There isn’t any turning back once it happens. Have you not seen the result of failed abortion attempts? The child still is born, just now there are specific defects due to the attempt to end life. What does a parent say to try and explain this particular disability once the child gets to the age of understanding? When they ask their parents why they are different, how is it the parents should then respond? Do they tell them the truth of how they didn’t want them and further damage this poor soul or should they lie? It seems to me that the same instance occurs if you try for an abortion and it fails that it will stick with you for the rest of your life. With that being the case the argument for saying it is fine to have an abortion so that there isn’t a reminder of rape falls invalid. No matter the choice you think you can make there will be consequences and ill feelings everyday there after for years to come.

Adoption is the number one best option for those parents or families that think they aren’t ready to groom a child. There then lies the question, why are you engaging in sexual activities if you aren’t ready to face the possibility of further responsibility? Unexpected things happen in life all the time, but you don’t see the ending of a life being brought up as the solution outside of the death penalty in severe criminal cases. There is a system in place and every child deserves its fair shot at life just like the rest of us. Who are we to try and control that aspect of life? We aren’t the gatekeeper at any other point in time throughout the course of life saying someone should live or die unless that particular individual did something outrageously evil. So why is it being allowed to even be a discussion of preventing whether a birth happens or not to a defenseless human? The choice happens when you decide to engage in sexual activities the majority of the time. The other unfortunate cases usually can be prevented, but there are still a small percentage that cannot be. Even with that being the case again, how is it the child’s fault? Everyone wants to try and rush their opinion and be the one to control the situation instead of allowing the natural course of life bloom. All of these outside parties effect the young lady no matter how old she is and will continue to do so, which in itself is just as bad as the terrible event that may have happened to her. These people don’t acknowledge that they too are continuing to be an impact toward the reminder of the event within the thoughts of the victim. Give the kid a fair chance at life and support the endeavor of the pregnancy in a positive manner. There are other choices that can be made throughout different moments given in a timeline that can delete abortion.

Instead of pointing out negatives and being a menace to the growth and development of a situation, shed light and positivity. There is always the opportunity for positive things to happen if a sense of good will is introduced. Too many people feel that they can predict and develop an argument to justify this type of terrible thing. The fact of that matter is no life or situation ever plays out the same. Instead of continuing the negative trend of pointing these things out and complaining, how about trying to influence a positive change and give support toward a better circumstance. Nothing good can come from killing unborn children, I have yet to hear a legitimate argument for where abortion completely makes everything better. There never has been nor ever will be a good reason for abortion to be legal, because it simply doesn’t solve anything. The only thing abortion helps do is create further problems, conflict, and evil within the lives of those surrounding the choice to go through with it. People have plenty of other choices to make during the course of their life, ending the life of another should never have to be one. Abortion is wrong and needs to be dismantled not considered.

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