My blood flows, it remains a constant
My heart pumps so my body can flourish
The brain activates my movement
The thoughts enable my soul to be nourished

Sacrifice to me equals victory
Victory can come at all times
When happiness subsides
There is still the option of winning

Different emotions stack up plenty
None have the access to demolish
That in which Christ has built within me
A perfect creation the human body
A temple like no other that lives and breathes

Our capacity and DNA is comparable some say
I’ll take my gifts and capabilities any day
There is in no way, that I am accepting
Being related and categorized as anything
Outside of a child of God, one of the chosen

Held together by the cross
I am indestructible against those who deny
Nobody on this earth is a boss
He lives above in the Heavens on high

I refuse to lose, I’ll never quit
Make my words yours today
Pledge not to be anything less
But go forward accept and commit
To that in which Christ has made your purpose

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