Times continue to be tough
How hard is it, it’s quite rough
What is it that will come next
Natural disasters putting us to the test

We ponder the deliverance of this madness
When can we get away from the sadness
Contemplating the hesitance of our mindset
Give us this day our daily bread
And deliver us from our temptations

Look to the light to get away from the fright
Hindsight is always twenty twenty
But regrets are becoming far to plenty
Stress levels reaching that of earthquakes
Consistently over thinking past mistakes

Shh it’s quiet time, no it’s not a library
But for the sake of our sanity
Turn down the noise that is in the mainstream
It doesn’t look to redeem, but reclaim
Reclaim the freedoms you are meant to have
Trying to overtake your mind rerouting your plans

Hidden illusions, subliminal constitutions
Incessant babbling with negative connotations
Fixed control to deceive and distract
As a matter of fact it’s time to react

Closed solidly in a state of concealment
It’s time to get to revealin
Information not so classified
Yet they still cloak it in an effort to hide

Many changes to a nation that is broken
When someone wants to lead it’s still hard to be outspoken
You can’t voice your opinion
Or else you’ll be considered the problem
So therefore there is no solution

Hatred acquiring a new definition
It is simplistic yet quite sadistic
Much like the beast in Revelation
So many want to judge and all too quick

They say their all about love and positive behavior
Yet they are the first to slander their neighbor
Very little left in the realm of good deeds
No longer any means to meet relevant needs
Because of all the violence involved trying to acquire peace

The influence is making my senses bleed
Because the presence of the devil isn’t even discrete
So blatantly out in the open, yet nobody sees it
What in the world will it take for people to realize they have a spirit

There is no essence of relation in percentage
To say that we aren’t special or separate
From something that claims to be near us by evolutionists
Scientific intelligence let’s get serious
You want me to believe in that garbage, quit being delirious

Unconscious to the real form of creation
When it is ever so evident even these days by all nations
We each were created by a form of intimacy
Not suddenly derived from a random mix of elemental theory

If you really open your eyes to the lies
The picture will get clearer, because beyond the skies
There is more than just the stars and space
The creator of the Universe, the one with all powerful grace

Evil and good, positive and negative
Don’t cloud that gift implanted behind your eye lids
Hope and Faith still remain, but need to grow
For there is a purpose for us all no matter when we go
Let go of the innuendos, enhance your gifts
There is still time to shift before the coming of the rift

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