When faced with the impossible we hesitate
Putting things into our heads instead of action
Busy relinquishing thoughts that contemplate
With the time allotment given, forcing a distraction
That leads to a life altering reaction

When faced with a choice we debate
Trying to make the right decision
So that there is no way someone can say
Our argument had little to no precision
Or accuse us of making an attempt to discriminate

There in lies the element that kicks in
When our backs are to the wall
When we are afraid to fall
Our own little self defense mechanism
Aiding us to propel ourselves through
All these situations we weren’t meant to

What else can it be
Gives us a wide range of possibilities

When this gets activated, odd things occur
When we get hurt there is no pain
We can push through and abstain
A mentality forcing the experience into a blur

It is a good motivational tool
Enabling us to overcome the cruel
The cruel intentions that others force our way
No matter what they meant to convey

The physical and mental attacks that continue
Adrenaline helps provide a remedy to do
The unthinkable in the times of doubt
When others may be depending on you to help them out

The gift one can use in times of struggling
A powerful natural system of vitality

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