Faith is a complex utility
Believing in things you cannot see
Is the definition that resides behind my eyes
When many live to believe only the things they can see
I wish i could shed a light that is visible to their eyes
For them to believe there is something better than this

Everyone believes in happiness and hopes there can be more
Just how to find what it is along the road to obtain what’s in store
Is different in each individual, but the same goal overall
Some say that ignorance is bliss
Those who truly think that are the ones that dismiss
Any prospect of finding true happiness

Not only do they disregard the fact of mystery
They try to over pride themselves to maintain a superficial integrity
So many shy to express what lies within their mentalities
Science says that we don’t use the whole 100 percent
Of our brains, yet many think they know it all beyond their conscience
Just using common sense you can see there are things unexplained
Not meant to be fully understood, hence the word faith

If we knew everything, there wouldn’t be any desire
To push forward and make something of ourselves to admire
It’s a dire situation to discuss matters of in depth thoughts and progress
A mess that just isn’t settled with one conversation or debate
But something that can be answered yet, still in this world of hate

Look to the blue bayou for the sign that your heart seeks to see
So that you can finally bypass your firewall and believe
Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, what else is there left
2 opposite ends of the spectrum are involved in everything i guess
But still many seem to believe the world revolves around 1 thing

Self respect and Self Esteem being drained by irradical behaviors
Immoralities being treated famously, but nothing compares to my Savior
There is far better in store for each person that walks this world
It is just a matter if they will take up the cross and walk that path
To the righteousness that awaits them in the light, away from the wrath

Look within beyond your sins and ask yourself why?
What is the answer you give yourself to think that this is all there is?
Give me proof and show me something legitimate is getting too repetitive
Faith is meant as a test to see if you are really willing to lay your life on the line

Rise up and don’t hesitate to be different
Conforming to mischief isn’t all its cracked up to be
Even though we are all created equally
We aren’t meant to lead the same journey
But rather to all have the hopes of maintaining the same ending
For that my friends would involve experiencing something heavenly
Perhaps life of eternity with the one that holds this universe’s creativity

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