Against Me

1st Verse:

These burdens that we carry that seem unexplained
Keepin our heads in the sand with our hearts in pain
Like a plague in a land so pristine
We find ourselves alone in a self made barricade

The walls get put up because the sky has fallen
Rain on our parade with negative connotation
The flood of emotion tryin to make us sick
So when the time to fight comes we surrender quick

The test results said I am dyin
While my best friend gets hidden joy seein me cryin
One of my family members told me to quit
Sayin I’m a nobody and will never be legit

All these things we hear day after day
We just want it all to get pushed away
Feelin insignificant in a land of millions
Askin ourselves when will we be ok

2nd Verse:

The up hill battle to make sense of circumstance
We all face death at the end of our chance
So why does it feel I’m alone in existence
When this world pushes me down with such persistence

I ask myself time and time again
Why did I commit that one stupid sin
Everybody now showin judgement rather than aid
Has compassion completely made its exit in this age

Openin my eyes to that last call that came
Tellin me about all my bills that are unpaid
Where did we all go wrong to get this way
What can happen to get us all out of this fray

Being told consistently that hope has died
All because we aren’t elevated with the sunrise
Just give up they say, put your effort down
I’d rather not listen nor give in to such clowns

3rd Verse:

Constantly introduced to somethin new
The pressure always bein there to make a move
To become somethin greater and more improved
Just tired of the comparisons, you just want to be you

Always criticized about your freedom of choice
Someone always tryin to tell you how to use your voice
Isn’t it written somewhere that we are free
So why do I feel smothered to conform to indecency

I would like to exercise my own rights
See the United in the States of America come to light
Rather than bein bashed for spreadin a little insight
Since when is it inappropriate to believe in Christ

If you’re like me and are saved by his grace
You know not many people in this world share the faith
And why is there still hostility towards race
At this current pace we should all be ashamed

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  1. I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written!


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