All We Are

1st Verse:

Many families bein hungry
Still no answers for this economy
Failed transition into this presidency
Favorin success over necessity

Our nation downward spiraling
Can’t seem to escalate correctly
Tragedies so hard to see
With nobody knowin what to believe

Doin as we’re told educationally
Only to graduate with no probabilities
Open field of expectation still rising
Without the activity in place to succeed

It’s hard to be experiencing
Any personal growth without opportunity
Especially these days when everyone seems to feel like nothing

2nd Verse:

We’re all in the same boat
A United nation trying to stay afloat

What it is we do next
Can define so many future generations

Thinking clearly is the first leap
That needs to get us out of the deep

Open our minds to our hearts
Should be the first movement to start

Round and round we go time after time
No progression because of the stubbornness
That seeps through into our judgement
Everyday we speak a line just to criticize

Not knowing the power of words
Makes our tongue a constant sword
With hearts being broken and minds dispersed
We all need to learn so we can move forward

3rd Verse:

We all sit back and continue to ask
When will the time come to get past these actions
With these sexist and racist tensions
Will there ever be another honest decision

To overcome this favoritism phenomenon
That everyone seems to be in on
Haltin the progress of business
Doesn’t seem to be in everyone’s best interest

At least not the kind of thing I want to witness
We all have a talent that needs to be utilized
How can that occur with people bein despised
For nothin less than a simple difference

Why are the random meaningless stereotypes
Determinin the future of so many lives
That simply need a job in order to survive
When is it this new economy will arrive

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