Many question the reasons for war particular or not
Some think it is worthless to have, but it’s what we got
Freedom without war in the past would not be true
We’d be totally different in what it is we do
Weapons of mass destruction, oil, or democracy
Never should it matter if you personally agree

Supporting the men and women protecting you daily
Is what should first come to mind instead of attacking the presidency
Lives have been lost with stories ending on a frequent basis
Never a comforting feeling to have and we should never erase it

The memory of those fallen should live on with support for those who still march on
Everybody seeks respect for far less than risking their lives for their nation
The military whether you support the cause, the people involved should get your sympathy
For they are leaving behind family and being forced into the fray of tragedy

Talking bad about battle plans
Not quite worth the time of day
Some never know if they will again see the one they love and hold their hand
Since they’ve fully committed themselves to the service of the USA

Violence is horrid and unwelcomed especially without purpose
With war comes sacrifice and is not something glorious
But why the need to complain and stand against a quest
When there is unnecessary violence here on our homeland all around us

American against American claiming war against each other
That is what we should fight to stop first and foremost together
We all make mistakes and we all live by the influence of one another
We should support the troops regardless of the war they fight in order to serve
They’ve dedicated their lives to support us, it is only right to do so in return

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