Young lady I’ve missed you
You’ve brought me back to prominence
No longer headed toward doom
Your eyes a witness of God’s existence

The gentleness you share showing how much you care
Nobody in the world can radiate your comfort
You make my life feel fair
When you are around I can’t help but stare

The attitude you bring to my attention
Always leaves me wishin
You never have to leave my side
Cause I can’t stand not feeling your warmth all of the time

The kindness I feel of your touch
Satisfies my needs, forget the rest of the stuff
I enjoy our time together you’re all I need
No one else I’d rather have with me

They say you can never find your dream girl
But you’re living proof that it’s just a cliché
Because you are above and beyond what my mind displayed
The real deal in my life baby you’re my world

Your love has served as a shelter to keep me safe
I’ve never felt more relaxed in any other timeframe
Of life that brought any form of happiness
That you seem to portray each day you gift me your presence

A true blessing given from above
You’re my angel that I could’ve never imagined
That strong bond and one unique love

As I see us move forward I just want you to know
You’ve been my strength in the hard times
You’re the pulse in of my lifeline
Apart from you I simply cannot shine
You’re my gift from God, forever always

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