An aspect of Mystery

If there is one thing i miss most about college it has to be meeting new people and wondering what makes them who they are. Over the course of my college career i met people in a variety of ways over the internet via websites or chats, classes, cafeteria, sports, walking down the street, parties, eating out, sporting events, gaming, etc. Having met them in the arena that we met gave me a little insight on their personality to begin with, but there is always that mystery of what brought us together in that situation to begin with. I am someone who likes to think about things on multiple levels since my mind literally runs a thousand things at once all the time. When given a topic or a situation i look at it from all different angles and one angle that i never could quite grasp because it is impossible is life through the other person’s eyes. Where did they come from, who were they, how have they changed to get them where they are, and what is it they seek to do in their future. There is a song that i listened to recently that kind of explains what i am talking about fairly accurately called “Give me your eyes” by Brandon Heath. Give it a listen if you wish. Either way i met some individuals in my time at MSU that just clicked with my personality, but had come from totally different walks of life. It just shocks me thinking about the dynamics of how people meet and how different their experiences can be, but their personalities still be very similar.

Meeting new people is always an adventure whether you are seeking one or not it is usually very rewarding in the end to have acquired the experience you did meeting an individual. Some people you may carry on a friendship for a long time, others you may just keep contact for that night. Being in the college lifestyle always presents plenty of people to meet and makes it hard to keep in contact with people you randomly meet sometimes because of the other thousands of people there your age around you. Seeing life through your own eyes is hard enough, trust me i know this… but you can’t tell me that you never think about how it is through the eyes of someone else at times.

The best thing about college was meeting people from all of those different walks of life whether it was because of location, economic class, race, religion, or personality it never got old for me. Now being out of the college experience it really hits me hard knowing that this adventure and period of my life is over. There will never be the same opportunities i had to be impacted by other people in my life or to be an influence on someone elses life in that way ever again. Granted i will continue to meet new people over the course of lifes journies through career and social activities, but there will never again be that sense of comradery that brings us all together like a college does. Besides college guarantees you that the person you are meeting is in your same stage of life, age group, and has some similarities with you right off the bat. In a career there can be totally different views between people about the company or tasks at hand within in the company. Also there can be plenty of people in different stages in their lives. Besides the number of people you interact with in a career are far less than you can in a college. I guess the biggest thing i would have to say to those reading this… is that if you are still in college make sure to enjoy every moment of it because it goes by really fast. Soak in the fact of having this opportunity and don’t waste time, allow yourself the chance to learn from others and be an asset to them as well because you won’t ever quite get that opportunity back in the same manner ever again.

Sitting here looking for a career not interacting with many new people at all is quite difficult to deal with, but that aspect of mystery still plays a part in my life wondering who it is i will meet to change my situation or where i will end up that could improve my situation. These aren’t major issues to be worried about, but unfortunately this is the only mysteries that present themselves when you graduate from college. I will again reiterate to enjoy the college experience and meet as many people as possible because you never know how much they can influence your life for the better down the road. Mystery can be a fun thing, enjoy the adventure.

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