An Imaginary Love

Allow me a moment to be discrete
Young lady I enjoy each time our eyes meet
I can’t express the lack of stress
That I feel when in your presence

You’re the answer to my prayers
The one I could see as my lover
A woman in which I want to embrace
Each and every moment, just to see a smile on your face

I want to hold your hand in the biggest of crowds
To show our unity, in front of the largest town
Be your crutch when you can’t stand
Draw a map with you to unite our plans

I want to lift you up to the highest point, so you have the best view
Support your endeavors and be your solid rock
Give you the best opportunity to succeed in all it is that you do

I want to be the one to wipe your tears when you cry
Give you that comfort nobody else can define
Provide you with the love which results in that twinkle of your eye
Be the man you’ve always wanted since you first knew time

When I think of love, I spell it with your name
When I feel cold, it’s your warmth that I crave
I only want to share my experiences with you
Not just today my dear, but forever till my life is through

I want to grow with you throughout the days
Since it is your company alone at the top of my chart
Just know that I am committed to you always
For you are the only person who’s received my heart

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