Awake the Introduction

Many people on this day hanging their head
Not knowing where to go next or how they’ll be fed
Struggles rushing through their lives, they feel dead
Unwanted circumstances over one wrong decision, it’s widespread

Lacking a sense of motivation to move forward
Problems stacking up like bricks, keeping them on the bottom
Hardship the new best friend, nothing to look toward
In their mind it’s over and nothing can save them

However the truth remains and the pains can go away
It’s hard to learn if they’ve never been introduced
Experiences falling to the wayside because of so much distraction today
It isn’t fresh air that’s sifting through but rather only those that pollute

It’s time to be resolute and stand firm to aid those facing suicidal thoughts
Give a helping hand to those who’ve fallen during this stretch of difficulty
Pay closer attention to those who are getting mistreated becoming distraught
And introduce the lost to the glory that can be felt leading them to victory

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