It isn’t hard for me to admit that I have love for you
I don’t see the need to hide the emotions that swirl behind my face
I find it hard to determine what it is that creates so much hate
Throughout the entire world in this day and age
Because all I have is love for the human race

Not one specific topic or action can be the blame
Since we are all guilty of something regarding a flaw
Whether it is stretching the truth to get a little fame to our name
Or regarding false witness and judgment in the wrong
There is room for improvement within us all

Pointing fingers and eluding to slander
So many techniques have been created to take us under
Where it’s becoming hard to breathe and live in this ocean of the unclear
Yet we continue with the attitude of… there is always next year

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so why the need for greed
Why did you fight for no reason yesterday making your conscience bleed
Take control of this wild ride before it spins you out of your life
Nobody should be living with regrets because you never know when you’ll die

Look at the people who have helped you and the strangers in the street
Smile all the while and give a little respect to those you meet
Don’t judge what you see on the outside, because everyone is unique
Nobody should be held to the standards you have for yourself internally

Let them live as you yourself have the freedom to do
Everyone should have access to the same benefits as you
We are all one and united in the creation we’ve received
And once this is realized we can all breathe a sigh of relief

Sure there are some ignorant and horrible elements that occur
Trying to help those through and change the minds of the dirty into pure
Is a responsibility that lies on the shoulders of us all
We shouldn’t allow for the horrible violence, decisions, and actions to continue a fall

Reach out and spread a little light into the darkness
Keep your guard of good to repel the evil from penetrating your prowess
But at least take the risk to reach a world that is in need of your gifts and talents
Because who knows the rewards and self esteem you could obtain in the process
Since it is blatantly obvious this world needs further action and quite a bit more balance

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