Trial and error seems to be how we learn
Always hoping for the best, but sometimes receive failure
We hate to see this sort of action occur
So we hide it within, to not have another’s concern
We put up walls to lock it in place
So we don’t leak the disappointment on our face
Keep it buried in a space so deep
That we won’t let anyone else reach

This stance that we have rock hard
To allow us some self protection
So that nobody else can bring dysfunction
To this area that has experienced being scarred
Moving forward being very wary of inspection
Towards those who say they care for our regard

Not knowing the risks we have taken
To present further damage to ourselves
We continue to hide away these emotions
Even though others experience them as well

When is it time to puncture these barriers
A question that is commonly scarier
Then what it needs to be perceived
Because there are those out there we can believe
Someone wants to help us arise
Out of the hidden depths of this grasp
So this particular ideal doesn’t bring us further demise

Long awaiting the time to release this beast
We need to remember that we cannot achieve
A true sense of being in a moment that is relatively
Like the one this barricade holds so closely
Without dealing with the problem at hand
The only way to accomplish that
Is to allow for more than ourselves to combat
The unfortunate act that has brought on this tragedy

A barricade is temporary and should be broken
For the one that helps us out of it can be spoken
As a true friend or family member
Who just may need our help to dismember
Their situation that is held within a barrier

We can’t afford to let this particular occurrence
Influence us in future situations
Because it will just cause us further distance
From what we know we deserve to feel in these relations

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