So much had to happen to get where I’m at
You think you can take it away, well good luck with that
Nothing can stop me now, you’ve attacked me plenty
Now it’s time for your army to begin the retreat

It isn’t of any use any more to implant negativity in my mind
For I have overcame all of your tricks and lies
I’m only sorry that it didn’t happen faster
Because the Lord knows you’re going to face disaster

Trying to tempt me with all that you did
Wasn’t too smart, because now I’m better than ever
You thought I would break and nail down the lid
Death doesn’t suit me, since Christ still says I’m to live

You might be able to manipulate some things
But after all it is God who reigns supreme
The Holy Spirit flows within me
And with my endurance still growing
You are becoming less of an enemy

My focus in on the blessings
No longer the tragedies
It is my time to shine
With the gifts that God made mine

Step back and watch as it is my turn
To move forward and attack your effort
There is still plenty for me to learn
It’s just now with this level of comfort
I have no doubts for my strength is now stern

I am of the grace and glory of the most high
You will have no victory here, not even when I die
The games you play and false promises you give
Will be hindered by my time to inspire and encourage

Light outshines dark and good overcomes evil
So with that in mind it’s now time to reveal
All of your discrepancies in today’s media material
That try to infiltrate the spirit of so many people

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