Because of You

1st Verse:

Because of you Lord God I am where I’m at today
If it wasn’t for you I would feel ashamed
Like many others walkin around in life feelin unclaimed
That’s why I’m glad I came to know you
So you could remove all my sinful stains
Allowing me someday to walk the streets of gold beside you
That’s why my work here on earth still revolves around you
Because I need to bring others fourth unto you
You know its true because you already have it in sight
You wrote the best sellin book and you wrote my life
So bring me to the front lines of where you need me
My work here will never be done until you’re in the hearts of many
Let me help others rest their feelings about their own uncertainties
Use me, mold me, shape me, into a force of peace and serenity
Keep me witnessing to those who put up a wall
So that there can be a chance for them not to fall

2nd Verse:

Jesus you take full control of all situations
I can see it now where non-believers finally believe us Christians
You having your hand in that like all other things
Makes your salvation more valuable than any diamond ring
I’ve come to know your plan almost as much as I can
Now if only that plan can reach every other human
That would be a wonderful phenomenon
For the mass media to participate in on
Let us believers hand them their ticket to heaven
By dealing with the source that is causing the destruction
So we can clean it up for the rest of the nation
Let them all understand the ideas of your revelation
Now please bring forward open hearts and hopeful minds
Lead us, guide us, and show us how to reveal all your advice
Allow everyone on earth to come together and be treated nice
Let them all know of your ultimate sacrifice

3rd Verse:

Coming into this new world era full of temptation
Many people like to be the source of contemplation
Hard earned time working for their money
Being replaced with hard crime and drug trafficking
I don’t know why this world is going into the shadows
When there is a sun lit heavenly path to God’s meadow
Where he the shepherd can lead you to glory
How would you like the ending of your story
Good or bad, mad and sad, or something worth remembering
Locked up or free, something tells me you want the following
Life out of the ditches, freedom from the snitches, and lots of riches
That will hold you over for many years
But it can only work if you switch gears
Get to the prayer chain and get your heart in the relay
So that some day you can end up with what you desire
By trusting in the holy ghost to get you away from the fire

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