Blur Entwined

The wind that blew through the forest awoke the abandoned and lost young man. Opening his eyes looking to the sky laying there in disarray not knowing where he was or what had even happened prior. He slowly worked his way to his feet looking around finding himself in the heart of some sort of wilderness. “Why am I here?” he quietly asked himself. With slight pain running through his body, he felt around analyzing what could be causing his discomfort. After looking back down onto the ground he noticed he had lost some blood, which would explain his initial feeling of disorientation. Trying to figure out where the loss of blood had been coming from he was unable to fully grasp his injuries. Still unaware of what exactly took place to put him into this position, he had realized that nothing was stolen from him. He wasn’t carrying any possessions other than the clothes that he was wearing, which were all in tact upon his reawakening.

Experiencing minor memory loss he began walking towards the direction of the setting sun. The temperature was bearable for the young man currently, so he wanted to find his way out of the wilderness before sundown to prevent any type of dramatic temperature drop. After walking for a few hours the young man began to flashback to what he thought were memories of the previous day. The first flashback he experienced took place in a Church where he had decided to go in order to accompany a friend who was new to the area seeking a place to worship. The young man was so rattled given this situation, the name of what was his long time friend was a blank in his memory. He was unable to remember what took place while being at the Church other than where he sat and how everything around him looked. The second flashback moved back in time from the first flashback, but seemed to the disoriented young man that it was still an event of the prior day to his current situation. The second flashback showed the young man an event with a young girl who told him how much she cared for him and requested some life changes of him if they were ever going to become a couple. The third flashback in real time would have occurred inbetween the first two flashbacks, but to the young man the order of these flashbacks are what he assumes happened progressively the day prior to his current endeavor of being lost. The third flashback showed him sitting on a bench along a sidewalk of the main street of the city he lived in near a couple of bars. Not recalling ever have taken an alcoholic drink in his life, this flashback made the young man feel the emotion of anger and temptation to enter one of the bars for a drink. In his flashback he stood up from the bench and began walking to the entrance, just as this happened his cell phone rang. It was his friend talking to him about an event going on at a local Church that night.

Just as the third flashback ended some of his memory began to come back to him of where he might be. With the messages within his flashback memories he remembered driving out of the city to venture out and be alone to get away from a sort of problem he was facing. Trying to piece the events together the young man fell to his knees and over onto his back due to the lack of strength he had from his travels as well as blood loss. The sun was now on the horizon and the wilderness grew darker. As he lay there feeling drained of any possible energy, he began to hear voices off in the distance. A ray of hope flourished through his body and he began to rise up off the ground to try to acquire where it could be coming from. A few dogs were barking along with the voices off the in distance. The young man didn’t know whether to yell for them or run away. Even though he had the trauma of being lost and alone, he feared possibly being in some sort of trouble since his memory cannot fully explain why he is in the wilderness. The young man had decided to take shelter in some brush near a few of the big trees that shadowed him to his left. The voices of the people and barks of the dog drew closer and closer. The young man full of different emotions suddenly began to feel dizzy and fainted.

During this sort of blackout for the young man, the people and dogs that were in the forest near the young man turned out to be a search party looking for any sign of him. There was a report of a man being held at gunpoint after a car accident on a nearby street who managed to escape into the woods. The search team travelling through the woods have been trying to find this man who was said to have been shot at seven times in the report. Drawing closer to the location of where the young man had passed out, the team had no idea of where the man might be. One of the members spotted some blood on the ground that appeared to be fresh and noticed a trail. Just as this happened the dogs became silent rather than excited and stared into the direction of where the young man had been passed out. The people searching who are local police officers wondered what was wrong with the dogs since they were very loud throughout this particular search. They began looking around completely ignoring the blood trail as to what could have caused this form of calm within the dogs.

Through the eyes of the dogs is seen an aura of bright shining light surrounding the bush in which the young man had passed out. Considering the eyesight of dogs this presented them with a different type of visual experience. There was obviously a graceful presence calming the dogs that was also causing this to happen around the young man. Everyday we hear the term “guardian angel”, yet this slips the minds of many with all of the noise that occurs in such societies we experience today. The dogs frozen in position staring towards where the young man is laying just all at once sat down. The odd thing was that there were seven dogs with the search party of seven people in this particular group. From an aerial view the formation of the dogs facing this angelic aura that was only noticed through their eyes was the shape of a cross.

Suddenly one of the female officers snapped to attention and focused on the blood once again noticing it lead in the direction of where the dogs were staring. She was the only one to move towards this location and when it got to the brush she pushed them back to notice the young man laying there. She immediately called out to the other that she found a wounded man and they all rushed to his side to check to see if he was still alive. His pulse was very slow and fading as the time ticked by, they rushed to get him situated onto a carrying board so they could get him out of the wilderness and to a local hospital. They were all relieved to have found the man and that he was still alive. Once they reached their cars parked alongside the road of the woods, the young man’s body grew colder. Worried about the time it was going to take to get to the hospital they quickly got him secure and began to drive very fast towards the location of the hospital.

Without having any identification with him, the police officers were unable to figure out who the man was or even who to contact about the finding of this young man. Arriving to the hospital the man was rushed to the ER to evaluate all of his injuries. The procedures took place as he had been hit with three bullets in his back, but miraculously none of them were of fatal caliber. The problem was that he had been missing for a few days and exposed to an array of potential harmful elements to open wounds in the forest. The doctors and nurses rushed to continue his treatment over the course of the rest of the night.

While this was taking place the young man was experiencing dreams of times in his life aiding him in his recovery of his memory. The girl in his flashback was his long time close friend who had mentored him through tough times growing up in his teenage years. She was a few years older than him and attended the same Church as him growing up. Recently they had expressed feelings for each other on a level greater than friendship in conversations, but some of the man’s tendencies she wanted to see changed. Her name was Faith, which ironically is what she always had for the life of this young man to make a difference. The young man then began to remember the relationship with his friend who had always tried to get him back into being involved with a Church. Over the course of the past few years they were separated because of college. The two of them now having been living in the same area, his friend whose name was Amos tried finding a home Church for himself. He recently moved there and started attending some events of different Churches and inviting the young man in this predicament to go with him. In each varying memory the elements of his life began to surface on who he was as a person and then it was revealed back to his conscious that his name was Ezra. The common tie to all of these names made him think about the Bible and how he had wandered away from Church because of three major instances that occurred earlier in his life.

When he was young he always took part in activities in his local Church that his parents took him to growing up. Then when he was about ten years old Faith moved into his city and arrived at his Church and was introduced to him. She was 14 at the time so was in a different group of the church than he was for activities, but they became best friends quickly since they lived across the street from each other. Ezra was a bigger kid for his age being quite tall and athletically gifted, so with that he took a protective role of Faith whenever she was faced with harsh circumstances from other guys. Ezra felt the need to fill this role because Faith’s Dad had passed away serving in the military one year prior to moving across the street from Ezra. They both were quite mature for their ages being strong in their faith for Christ and both taking a leadership role in their Church groups. Once they were both in the teenage department they began spending a lot more time together to help enhance the experience of the other kids they were going to church with and to try and bring more kids there. Then when Ezra was 14, Faith moved into the city away from the suburb to be closer to the college she was attending. Fortunately for Ezra they both still attended the same Church. The reason this was fortunate is because this was the time that Ezra was faced with the three tragedies that altered his life leading to this recent event.

When Ezra was 14 his brother and parents had decided they wanted to go on a family vacation. When Ezra had to decline to attend with them because of a Church obligation he had committed to they didn’t argue with him, because it was such a mature thing for him to do. They were happy that he was willing to put serving the Lord ahead of having fun at the theme park they planned on attending during the trip. Ezra’s younger brother was just a few years younger and they were really close not having any sibling rivalry like you see in most instances these days. So the family left for the trip two days prior to when Ezra had to go and fulfill his obligation at the Church. The days went by with Ezra being home alone by himself for the first time. Once the day arrived to meet at the Church he felt a little off on his original plan for his role in speaking at this activity. Something else was tugging at his attention, but he couldn’t fully grasp what it was. Then a few hours later in the day, exactly one hour before he had to go to the Church for the get together he received a phone call informing him that his family had been in a car accident. This struck Ezra right in the heart and that is when his initial awkward feeling exploded consuming his entire mind with fear and uncertainty. He was unsure on what to do and all of the responsibility that came with it, it was said that they were all in critical condition with their chances looking slim of making a recovery. Ezra quickly hung up the phone and began to pray for healing and aid for his family.

The hour passed by and Ezra was still praying with tears running down his face. He walked out of his house to ride his bike down to the Church, as this happened Faith yelled from across the street. She just happened to be home for the weekend to visit her family from college. Ezra waved and began riding his bike down the street to the Church. Faith had noticed the tears in his eyes and got in her car to catch him to see if he wanted a ride to wherever it was he was going. Ezra just waved her off and kept took and alternative route that a car could not possibly take. This got Faith curious, but she felt giving Ezra his space was needed in this time. So she turned the car around and went back to her house. When Ezra arrived at the Church everything began to change in his demeanor. The event went on as planned, but Ezra didn’t have the same passion he normally carried during his roles in the activities he was a part of.

These memories quickly faded in Ezra’s mind as he continue to lay now in his hospital bed after the surgery. He slightly opened his eyes to see an empty room with lights shining down upon him. Then quickly went back into a sleepy trance due to the drugs that were running through his IV. The memories that stemmed at this point were of his college years where he had been separated from all of his friends and his Church for quite some time due to his life struggles. Amos had tried keeping in touch with Ezra since they use to be very close when they were growing up. Unfortunately one day when Amos left Ezra a message it was about their former Church that had recently closed down due to some problems involving matters of which were unknown to Amos. Something at this point sparked Ezra to get back into reading the Bible at this point in his life for some guidance. The memories of him sitting in his dorm room reading the Bible under the light of his lamp night after night kept flashing before him. This then lead to the day he first got back in touch with Faith who had always sent him letters in which he never returned. Even having been in the same area all these years she never felt comfortable going to the placed he lived because of a bitter falling out the two of them had face to face when Ezra was a senior in high school. Even with that event she still sent encouraging letters that oddly enough impacted Ezra greatly in his day to day life.

The memories of being reintegrated into the Bible faded and fast forwarded him to the time of him and Faith’s reuniting. They shared old stories and talked the night away about the past few years that they missed spending together because of a fight that now seemed meaningless. This is where Ezra poured out his heart and thanked Faith endlessly about how much her letters meant to him and aided him in tough times. The two then grew closer together after this reunion reacquainting a strong bond that they shared back when they were younger. About a year and a half later Amos had given Ezra another call in which Ezra finally decided to answer and the two talked about Amos moving back into the area since he was now done with college and had found a career nearby. Ezra had still not quite implemented himself back into a Church along with Faith, but Amos somehow got Ezra’s interest peaked in helping him find a new Church since their old one had been awhile back. This memory then abruptly ended as Ezra woke up in severe pain in his hospital bed.

Ezra’s heart raced as the nurses ran in to his aid. They then were able to have a short conversation with Ezra finally finding out his identity and who they could contact for him about his condition. The hospital got a hold of Faith and Amos who were the two people that Ezra saw fit since he wasn’t close to his other family after his parents and brother had passed. The two of them arrived at the hospital a few hours later ten minutes apart. They both expressed how happy they were to see that he was alright and would make a full recovery no matter how slow it may be. They both began to fill in the blanks Ezra had as to exactly what had happened that lead to his situation. Faith spoke and told him of why he left his home in the first place, which was to go help a family that had gone through a similar situation that he had when he was younger. Ezra then realized the problem he left to deal with wasn’t a problem of his own, but that of the others he wanted to help. When Amos spoke it then revealed that the family he was going to help happened to also be visiting the same Church the two of them were at in his first flashback.

The other two flashbacks remained a mystery in his head until Faith reached out and took his hand where he saw an engagement ring. Ezra asked her who it was she was going to marry and with a shocked looked on her face she revealed to him that it was him she was engaged to. The nurses had warned the two of potential memory loss due to the trauma Ezra faced during his experience, but she was still surprised. The more Amos talked it then came back to Ezra that when he was on that bench and angry it was the same day that his family had passed away many years before. The timeline of these flashbacks proved to be in differing orders and not at all linked to the day prior to his disappearance. Visiting hours were approaching their end so Faith and Amos had to leave the side of Ezra.

Ezra began to contemplate what it was that occurred to lead to his wilderness experience to begin with. He began to feel sleepy again due to the amount of medication he was receiving for his wounds and recovery. Drifting into his sleep this time it was almost as if he was watching a movie of what exactly happened to him prior to waking up in the woods. What he saw was himself driving down the road in his car listening to his favorite Christian radio station observing the view around him. At the time the roads were empty all except him moving along. Then it the road approached the wilderness in which he found himself lost in and a few miles into the surrounding forest on the road as an accident. Ezra stopped his car and went to see if everyone was alright. As he went to the first car he frantically called out to those that were inside. Then when he looked into the car he saw a family similar to his own a Father, Mother, and their young son unconscious in their seats. Awestruck at the similarity of the car and ages of the family he took a few steps back and bumped into the driver of the other vehicle. This man was shady and saw the cross that Ezra was wearing around his neck and overheard the radio station from Ezra’s car. The man grew angry and had pulled a gun because he knew in his mind that he would be going to jail over this incident since he was an ex-convict violating his parole being in the part of the state he was in. Ezra arriving was what the shady man felt was a free get away, little did he know what would happen next. Another car began to appear off in the distance that triggered the attention of the man holding the gun on Ezra, this is when Ezra began to run for his car and the man turned and shot twice missing both times. This caused Ezra to change his path to the woods where 5 more shots rang out in which three connected with Ezra. With the adrenaline and grace of God Ezra was able to continuing running instead of remaining near the man. However, the man stole Ezra’s car and drove off leaving only the two cars involved in the collision in the road. The people in the car approaching had their windows down to hear the shots, but were unclear of where Ezra was when they got to the location of the accident.

Ezra woke up and realized everything that had lead to his predicament. He began to pray for the many blessings he received at this particular trial he was faced with. Little did Ezra know that the family that was in the crash he came to that day had made it out alive. As he was laying there praying the family that survived the crash were walking by and the little boy tugged at the arms of his parents saying “Look Mommy and Daddy that is the man that scared away the monster!” Not fully knowing was the little boy meant it did come to the attention of the Mother who had faintly saw Ezra running into the woods as the shots rang out. The family then talked to the doctors to see if they could visit with Ezra. The doctors allowed it, so they made their way towards the room where Faith had just arrived to be at Ezra’s side once again. Once the family arrived in the doorway Ezra gazed in disbelief as he thought for sure the family had shared the same fate his own had many years prior. Faith noticed the looked on her fiance’s face and wondered what it was that caused such a reaction. They all then began to discuss the event and events that lead them together this fateful day.

From that day in the hospital forth Ezra and the family had formed a strong relationship. It was almost as if Ezra had become a part of their family and when the wedding for Ezra & Faith came, they arrived as if they were sent to be the gift of Ezra’s family for his most special day. This had filled a gap that was in Ezra’s heart ever since the day he had proposed to Faith and reflected upon the thought of having no family there to share in his union with the love of his life. Later on during the reception Ezra began to cry when he first danced with Faith looking over to his new found friends in the family he met during that trying event a few months prior. The only words that came out of his mouth to his lovely bride were “God works in mysterious ways my love, very mysterious ways.”

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