[1st Verse]:
Sufficatin at all the thoughts of retaliation
Lookin around the world mass chaos is ragin
Is it the paranoia or facts of the end times
Hysteria towards 2012 or a real elevation in crime

Harborin all the feelins inside our minds
Creatin boulders to lug around so unkind
Exhausted like runnin a marathon, we just can finish
Because our lungs are beginnin to diminish

We breathe in all the insanity and plea
For a better opportunity in which to succeed
Yet we exercise the right to make things worse
By lettin our fears take control like a curse

It’s important to vent out all the corruption
That is locked up within all this pollution
So fresh air can once again fill with oxygen
To build the muscular endurance of a person

Quit enhalin the wrong notion of security
Spend the energy on what you see in the mirror
So you can reach the point in which you can deliver

[2nd Verse]:
Chokin on the commotion that is goin on
Wonderin if you should dress normal or in Teflon
Everyday livin gettin crazy on the daily
Intense pain like a lady havin a baby

There’s no easy solutions, so quit blamin the constitution
Makin new rules up as time moves forward
Is as reckless as swimmin with a shark in horror
Pretty soon you will get bit beyond comprehension
Cause change can only happen through proper action

To say is one thing but to do is another
The tragedies of yesterday need resolution
And it’s time to embrace love for others

All of these trials and tribulations
Bringin about new distracting temptations
Worrying about scientific quarries and clones
When there are thousands of people without homes

How about a little funding to charities
Instead of government officials who love spending
Where is it that all the money really goes
It seems to further an agenda in which nobody really knows

[3rd Verse]:
Knowledge is power so you can’t cut it off
Gotta be able to take in the good, let go of the bad
Askin for help isn’t a characteristic of bein soft
Do what it takes for yourself to avoid the fall

Bein able to rise above the influence bein forced
Is an ability that will take time to build
Don’t give up on the greater goal of your course
Cause though the journey is wild success is a thrill

Aspects of dialect unknown can only reveal
The further intellect in which you need to reach
And what it is that you’re meant to feel

The lessons learned are always toughening
Likeable or not the pathway is clear
The same has been said year after year
There is only one way to experience true glory
And after all this time it remains the same story

The gap in your life that you may have
Can be filled by a hidden aspect that’s within
Whether you’re aware or not has yet to be determined
You gotta breathe with the intent to fuel the Holy Spirit

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