Bullet of Meaning

A few weeks ago
I was caught in a mess
My mind had something to show
I went out to stray away from some stress
To a gathering that I thought would forgo
Any negative thought that resulted with these tests

Walked up in the place
Took a look around
Saw a few familiar faces
Thought I had found
The ideal activity
To help delay the mentality
Of drowning myself in the pace
That was so fast, it brought calamity

So I decided to have a chat
With a couple of my friends
We talked about the future and the past
I thought that the conversation would never end
Until we heard a disturbance at the door
Two armed men came in telling everyone to hit the floor

We looked at each other figuring it to be a joke
What would these two dudes want from here
They told everyone to be calm or else it was their time to croak
Still in disbelief we hesitated to show any fear

I stood up and said “What is the reason for this?”
The one guy looked into my eyes and replied
“None of your business, where is the girl?”
“What girl?” I said, not scared of his pride
“Her name is ****, now get down!”
The other guy yelled, “I found her she is over here!”

The guy drug her out by her arm
Being as they were masked it was hard to identify
Who these men could’ve possibly been, and why they wanted to harm
The girl began to cry, not knowing why, they wanted her to abide by
What they were telling her to do as they exited out the front

I looked to my friends and asked “What is this trash?”
They all had blank looks on their faces, showing shock
What was happening for this to go on?
Was there some theme we didn’t know about?
Not asking myself any more questions I rose up in a flash
And ran down the block
Trying to discover where they had taken this young woman

I heard her cries down this hidden path
At last, I approached with caution
Not knowing what could happen
I began to let instinct take over my actions

Creeping closer and closer
All I could hear was her distress from these men
I saw the guns laying on the ground
But after that, I wish I had never seen what I had found
The girl being tampered with in profound measure

Not thinking, I ran up with the intent
That I could protect and free her from this event
Little did I know that catching these two off guard
Was only the half of it

What began was easy
Them not knowing
When I was coming
Gave me the advantage
To cause them a lot of damage

With the three of us hurting, I remained upright
Looking down to the girl directly in her eyes
Asking whether or not she was fine
Just to see that she has someone else in her sight
The two men laying in hurt, I wondered
What could she be staring at that was behind me
I turned slowly to discover that their was a third

He had his gun raised and finger on the trigger
All I could do was look to the sky
Silence struck me as it seems time had stopped
Next thing I knew my chest felt heavier
As I felt like I was flying, soon to land on my back

Thinking of the girl’s well being I began to get back to my feet
To discover the three men began to flee
Because they heard some other people yelling
My mind went blank looking over in her eyes
Again, just to see her falling as I toppled over and went into a sleep

I heard the following in what seemed like a dream
“Thank you, Thank you”, followed by cries
As my body began to feel cold and empty
An illusion came to life
I was outside of my body
Looking down onto myself receiving some IV’s

“What is going on?”, I exclaimed.
Looking at myself lying there hooked to some machines
A few moments later, in entered my family
My Mother weeping and disbelief in my Fathers eyes
They all looked and said, “How could this be?”

My sisters holding their kids close
Not knowing what had happened to their uncle
My brother in law pacing with anger that was well defined
I didn’t know how to control this essence of refined dream
All of it was too real it seemed

Moving closer to my parents telling them it was ok
I am just fine can’t they see
I am still maintaining my heartbeat
Shockingly everything slows
There is a light I see outside the window

As I draw nearer to this phenomenon
I wonder could this be the journey
That I take to be away from this planet I’ve lived on
For the past 21 years

Feeling great grace I know I am going home
No thoughts of why, only those of hope
Then suddenly I hear my name being called
My ascent being stalled

I feel that feeling in my chest again
But, I asked myself… “Was this not suppose to be the end?”
I felt like air as then came a sensation of falling

The room began to shake and the light went away
I couldn’t make what was taking place
Everything was in such an array

Again, I hear my name entering my ears
I then am able to open my eyes
To see my family wipe away some tears

“We thought we had lost you”
“We are so glad you are alive”
“You should be ok”
“It was a miracle, the bullet missed any major arteries and your spine”
“You will heal up after awhile and be just fine”

I then knew the sense of purpose….

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