Can’t Back Down

[1st Verse]:
You can’t back down, you won’t back down
Cause everything about you says you won’t drown
As a matter of fact you’ve already begun to surface
Gettin through this is just another circumstance

There is far worse in this world, count your blessings
Your still here today, unlike many who’ve faced tsunami’s
How many senses do you have in tact on this day
Because there are many disabled in different ways

You may not see it, but you have the strength
The only thing holdin you back is you
Get away from yesterday’s pain, shorten its length
Open up the shades to let some sunshine through

Quit tryin to contemplate failure at every level
Comparin yourself to others proves to be detrimental
Everyone is different for a specific reason
Be cautious knowin that in time there’s always a new season

[2nd Verse]:
Think about your loved ones
Mother’s, Father’s, Daughter’s and Sons
This world needs to consider lookin above
Because many are askin, where is the love

Look deep within the problems that we see
Thought it affects the masses, it’s worse personally
Overcome the trials of self, so that you can spread joy
How can you support friends, if you are constantly annoyed

The aspects of life aren’t always good
But it’s understood that we have power
To change situations for the better, if we just would
I know I could do better, as we all should

Seein our talents and gifts as if not legitimate
Is becomin some sort of new epidemic
Many get told many forms of compliments
But treat it as if they aren’t quite fit with purpose
Life is a unique journey and trust me your worth it

[3rd Verse]:
If you weren’t here who would take your place
The answer is nobody cause you’re not a mistake
You’ve been placed here on earth with a face
To help against the race of time before it breaks

Spiritual existence is real that’s how we stand out
Given a different image and intellectual clout
Our DNA isn’t the same, cause we’re each unique
No matter who you meet, it should always be a treat

Because there is always somethin new to learn
Whether it’s big or little you should yearn
The opportunities to expand your experience
Since memories are shared, not solo situations

Don’t give up on those around you, especially yourself
Let other people help, so you too can aid their health
Because time together means more time to listen
Listen not only to words, but also emotions that create inspirational action

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