[1st Verse]
My heart pumps the blood of the spirit
Yours could too if you would accept the gift
I flow a different gene pool, cause I try not to be a fool
I stray from the everyday insanity of the new school

I’ve been antagonized for what it is I represent
Sorry haters I believe class has been dismissed
You crave pleasures of the temporary endeavor
While I stride for those of eternal measure

Servin yourself through others benefits
Isn’t exactly a role that I’d like to play
How is it that people support the misfits
Who claim to help, but instead are just selfish
Sorry but your idols can’t help you today

This new era that has begun to take place
Introducin an exploit in an emotional sanctuary
Believe it or not I must remind you to save face
Because there’s still only one God in this day and age

[2nd Verse]
I run the race much like Secretariat
Stridin to reach the land of the triple crown
Avoidin the trait of betrayal from Judas Iscariot
So I can meet the Holy Trinity in their hometown

Some say they won’t listen to Christian Rap
I just don’t know how to quite view that
If you don’t believe, then why listen to the enemy
Aka Satan who speaks through the mainstream

Don’t look for entertainment when you want answers
Listen or read somethin of meaningful influence
Goin through tracks like a gymnast with backflips
Won’t improve your candor or stature

If I have to I’ll carry the genre on my back
I’m not the best, but the rest need to be heard
It is of grave concern the masses of the lost
I mean just look at the statistics and the cost
Too many people diein from such horrible causes

[3rd Verse]
It’s always easier just to give up
But as I’ve mentioned before, enough is enough
The evils in life can never hold real love
It’s a problem that needs to be taken care of

Many have fallen just to stay at ground level
Afraid to stand and get railed again by the anvil
The hammer of wrath that sets you back
Can be temporary too if you want to get on track

Too remain hidden is basically a forfeit
And last time I checked we’re all competitive
Isn’t it human nature or survival of the fittest
We’re here for each other, so it’s a trick question

Heart of a lion or Heart of a champion
Whichever you prefer its time to begin
Flow like a river toward your destination
Overcome the barriers that stand in relation

It’s time for greater, it’s time for change
The hardships are here, so let’s shift the gear

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