1st Verse:

I don’t see myself as a recordin artist
Nor do I claim to be the best
I write cause I can, not for the glory
I am not a rapper, but rather an EmCee

I don’t do this as a job to make money
It is more or less just a hobby
The spread that my music has had
Wasn’t because of me, but I’m glad

These days music is dyin out
Lots of people with meaningless spouts
About random topics that hold no substance
So I’ve come along to provide a glimpse

Another way that people need to listen
Somethin other than negative actions
I analyze and delve into the mind
Rather than focus just on materials from the outside

I am just a man that knows he can
Knows he can reach other humans
Gettin through in a way to form an impact
That will spark others to think and react

2nd Verse:

There are many people with things in common
Like not wantin violence on their television
Nor on their street in which they live
But many just don’t know how to give

The amount of respect to themselves to speak
Up and out against all these things
Everyone grows at a different speed
But these times need more people actin proactively

Harnessed due to fear feelin helpless
Is what all of this evil wants to happen
So it can rain on the parade we call life
Cuttin our relationships with others one at a time

We need to stand and fight for what’s right
Not be ashamed to proclaim morality, even in the night
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Read that verse in Philippians 4:13, so you too can see

There isn’t anything to be afraid of at all
We can’t be afraid to fall, someone will hear our call
With billions of people on this planet
There is no time to teeter on the fence of regret

3rd Verse:

How long do you want to sit and wait
How long until you storm the gate
Change just doesn’t happen without action
You have to be willing to sacrifice attention

The deficit of things that are unwanted
Highly outweight the correct prospects
I mean we could’ve had cures to certain illnesses
If we could get it through our heads not to kill unborn kids

Just people don’t see the evils happenin
When they continue to strike again and again
Hurtin society without a blink of an eye
What else needs to be done to spark the right mind

It almost seems to late at this point in time
Most people seem to stagnate for the grind
Those that do put in the work to change
Most times get blanketed by some absurd rage

That disallows their movement to continue
Goin through to the global level of truth
If we united as one strong voice
This evil wouldn’t have a choice
But to one day see us all rejoice

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