Clear Cut

Clear cut and oh so true
What in the world would I do without you?
How many of you wonder about your future?
How many of you question what your plans are?
How many of you have stressed about what is in store?

I don’t know many people who haven’t stressed
Trying to predict what the future will bring is a mess
Nobody can accurately depict what will occur
There is only one source that does indeed know for sure

The one truth that has always lived
The one entity that plotted out when you would receive that first kiss
I don’t know how else to put it
It is just simply amazing to know that my future is taken care of
Our lives our like a book that we can’t see
In order to have the access to it, we have to believe

No one else can interfere with what will take place
If you allow the transformation to happen
Your life will take a pleasant adventure
One that just simply can’t be replaced

Like the BK, he will let you have it your way
But that just simply won’t make you happy
Yeah after acceptance life still won’t be easy
But the journey will mean a lot more at the end of the pathway

Let go and watch your life unfold
Don’t be a fool and try to uphold
Some sort of personal control
You were in good graces before you could understand
Just give it a chance and allow yourself to now be in God’s hands

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