Clock Out

Pacing the internal avenue
Striving through different methods
I’ve met with the man who doesn’t know what to do
His situation just can’t get out of his head

Asking the Lord for advice at a rapid pace
This man has the look of exhaustion on his face
He has expressed his mess
And looks to succeed and be blessed

Just time after time the blockade hits
Preventing his progress
So depression and doubt continue to loop through
Because there is still the wonder of what to do

Continuing to see the branched pathways
It is getting to be enough
There seems only to be one way
That makes everything else less tough

He has told me that he just wants to clock out
There has been too much stress throughout this test
Hates having the overwhelming feeling of doubt
Always surrounding him in a frantic mess

So I sit back and ponder his outlook
I have no idea what to say other than it will be ok
There isn’t any easy way to live outside of the book
That the Lord has wrote to guide your stay

The confusion continues and questions always arise
The man still has the doubts behind his eyes
I continue to try and uplift his situation
Because deep down I know destruction is not an option

For if this man were to fall
Instead of figuring out his call
We both would die
Because I am him and he is I

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