Have you ever pondered the good things others have said to you
Going back and forth in your head wondering if what they said is true
Seeming they have more belief and positive views of who you are
More than you even give yourself credit for

How you make them feel or what they see within
Not necessarily coinciding with what you expect or think you’ve been
Hard to discover the reasoning they’ve said these things to you in the first place
They did it with such sincerity and grace
You couldn’t help but put a smile on your face

Yet, we still contemplate if it is deserved
Thinking back on every spoken word
Then reflecting it with what we have done since
Just to put even more stress on our personal opinions

Were these compliments meant to carry you through future events
Or did they simply recollect upon who you once were back when
Have we failed to see the good in ourselves, have we fallen
Is there something in their words that is just still calling
To open our eyes to where we need to be headed

Like a puzzle piece awaiting you to put it in place
The positive statements through your mind continue to race
Feeling of expectations not being met as well as the uplifting memento
Continually cascading and rivaling each other ready to blow
You replay each side of the thoughts and still don’t quite know

When at the end of the day the answer lies right in front of you
A moment happened that aggravated their views
To give respect and honor to what it is you do
So whether it was in the past or remains to be seen
You can expect it to happen if you to start to believe

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