Concept to Design

Everyone usually has a plan or goals that they set for themselves trying to plot out their future knowing every detail to be organized. The concept is where they begin forming these ideas in their heads. This is the best and most easy stage because you can use your imagination to fulfill any desire that comes to your mind to try and encourage yourself to go down this road of success. After thinking for awhile and making up this concept you have to begin the journey of actually meeting the design. The journey throws life at you, which generally alters your original concept and makes you have to adjust a few things here and there. For almost everyone some major unexpected changes occur whether it is meeting your spouse before you planned, having a kid unexpectedly, making a career change, getting rejected into your selected college/program, etc. What i am trying to get at is the design never emulates what the conept originally was fully. This isn’t something that should keep you from pursuing what all you had originally planned, but you can’t be discouraged or held back when you face the obstacles that are presented hindering your wanted design. Much like cars the concept is the thing that is most desireable and unique, but the designs that come from there are more or less generic and changed to better fit the experiences that occured along the way.

Having all of these big plans and expectations is wonderful, but don’t let them control you. Allow yourself to grow from the trials you face along the way on your pathway to your design. Most people figure out who they are and what is truly meant for them during these changes. Like the old saying goes the greater the risk the greater the reward. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith here and there that isn’t exactly what your original concept had in mind, because as said before it could lead to a possibly better design than what you had originally anticipated. Jump the hurdles, break down the doors, and strafe the bullets for there is something great to come after all of the hinderances pass.

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