[1st Verse]:
I look out over this gem encrusted sea
It is astounding at what it is that I see
All of these women bein treated poorly
There is a change that is needed indeed

Young girls strugglin through pregnancies
Dude’s be runnin the other direction selfishly
No responsibility is their notion of clarity
They think they can forget discrepancies

Indiscretions at an all time high, what is this
Last time I checked women were human, not objects
Goin behind the back of your wife to cheat
All because you simply just feel the need

Harder to avoid the stereotypes it seems
Because of how shallow it is some dream
Indulgin yourself in an inappropriate manner
Doesn’t save the poor victims who suffer

Time and time again harassment arises
All I want to do is help cause I despise it
Every time I see a female suffer I just wonder
What it is that I can do to help her
But these days it’s just gettin harder and harder

[2nd Verse]:
Slippin down the slope of poverty
Gettin in debt over our heads just to provide
Nowhere to hide cause of the responsibilities
So many just find the time to hide away and cry

Let their emotions run free till their eyes dry
Can we put a stop to it or will it continue
Hard to help somebody in times of all this insanity
I’d like to help, but at times am afraid to

You never know how they’ll react
To the fact you just want to do a good deed
No strings attached, no expectations of money
What has this culture done, it’s created conspiracy

Many ask where are the generous that once lived
They’re still around, it’s just they are no longer accepted
We can’t reveal who we really are anymore
Without gettin interrogated or facin efforts of slander

Plus pride is a wall that is now a skyscraper
Hard to penetrate the thickness that has manifested
Due to self esteems that resemble paper
That draw away aid and erase any attempts to be elevated

[3rd Verse]:
Hearin all these stories of attempted suicide
Wakes me up to the fact of hearin constant lies
The lies of there bein no greater good or purpose
People sayin that livin on faith is hopeless

It’s sad to see that view is becomin massive
Because it’s simply just not the truth
Yet it’s bein taught that way to all our youth
And I’m no sleuth, but I recognize the actions

Feelin deserted and left stranded empty handed
Just know that change is on the way
For tomorrow begins a new day
So what do you say, are you ready

Ready to do what is necessary to end this
So nobody else has to feel hopelessness
Controversial aspects of change in process
Trust me goin against the Bible lacks intelligence

Rise up from the ashes that this land burns
So you can separate from their state of mind
Dismantlin the empire to the point of no return
To claim victory for a brighter future in record time

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