Why is it that death is becoming more and more popular? I don’t get the obsession with death related creatures or activities. I find a few things contradicting to the liking of these sorts of ordeals though and that is the fact that it involves living. When you think about a lot of these fictitious creatures most of them are considered undead meaning “not” dead. So why is there so many people that will harness their minds interests on acting out these sorts of characters, yet at the same time many won’t give a second thought to spiritual life after death? It is almost as if many of these creations are trying to give the false impression of being given second chances, but instead of actually living they are causing destruction to the living because they themselves have died. Again, I don’t understand the fad of this form of so-called “entertainment” when it is blatantly obvious it stems from the literature of spiritual demonic beings coming to prey on living flesh humans. All you have to do is substitute zombie, vampire, or werewolf into the place of demon or evil spirit and it appears people will gobble it up. There are more and more people allowing these things to be absorbed into their minds, while also controlling their imaginations and actions of expression. They are getting sucked in with a form of distraction that is masking a reality that happens every day. Some people allow themselves to “roleplay” these forms of creatures in essence trying to bring them to life and give the storied scenario’s a chance to be introduced into real life. You have these zombie walks or horror conventions where people are encouraged to embrace this type of role and act as if they were indeed one of these beasts. If that doesn’t scream mind control I don’t know what else would.

If so many people are wrapped up into this death phenomena that is taking over the entertainment industry by storm, why are many of them still afraid of dying? Why is it that they just have more questions rather than answers? It is almost as if they turn to these things to ease their pain or mask their true feelings about the situation. Since when was death not a serious matter? This word and occurrence of everyday life is not exactly something to celebrate considering some of the manners that death is presented. Does it not scare you that many of these people getting engulfed into this sort of fad actually get into it a little too far? I mean some people convince themselves that the actions of these evil characters are in essence acceptable to practice. How many people do you know of that enjoy being scared or tormented? Why is there this new acceptance of evil being presented as “entertainment”? Death effects everyone around you because everyone will face it at some point. Why do you think people are trying to sugar coat it with these random stories and creations? As mentioned prior, why is it that they who create such materials present life after death so to speak? They speak of immortality and other forms of life outside of humanity and this is being accepted? How can that be accepted as “entertainment” and cause people to act upon the characteristics of these creatures within our society, yet still these same people continue to deny anything spiritual? Even within a lot of these cases they mention evil spirits and almost glorify them to the point that they make them intriguing to the consumer. Do you not then think their is something more to the story? There are tons and tons of these media creations being pumped out regarding this pot of death and many people aren’t acknowledging what is truly going on. All of this is distracting people from the truths that surround them. If these books can change people and make them do foolish things, what exactly is behind that? Do you not then think they are in essence being controlled? I mean how many everyday people do you find that choose not to be exposed to this nonsense are dressing up and parading around celebrating it? The answer is none, therefore only the ones exposed are being effected correct? So seeing that only the ones that are exposed to it are taking part in these actions, how can you argue against it not obtaining some sort of power to control people?

There are far too many people choosing to embrace this garbage and it is clouding their brains to the point they are being completely consumed. They live in this dark fantasy that feeds them continual thoughts of death, destruction, torment, evil, and darkness. Why would you want to have that surrounding yourself? Why do you think the people creating this media are aiming this sort of junk toward impressionable minds? It is because they want to formulate and control their ways of thinking and expression. Typically what purpose does it serve to try and control people? You usually want to accomplish something with it, while it can be said that the creators just want to further create financial gain it is more than that. Like I said before… there are conventions, movies, songs, books, clothing, and much much more that then ties into obtaining money. What is the true gain of getting all these people to act and look evil? Is there not then an increase in negativity throughout every aspect of these people’s mind state? Why is it that you think the creators of this want to see this happen? It is because they want to show that their creations can manipulate and influence the minds of the people in which they create it for. They get the pay day, but they are then also exposing how easy it is to obtain a form of control over someone. Is this an easy feat to accomplish normally? The answer is no, there isn’t many things a person can do in order to get “control” over someone and completely influence their thoughts and behaviors. So how is it that there is such a high volume of this happening through these creations? Do you think these people just have superior knowledge on how to do this or do you think something else is at work here? Do you not notice the imbalance that can occur when you position something of this death society next to something that glorifies life or a greater good. There isn’t much that goes well when stuff like this happens. Both sides feel uncomfortable and it isn’t that hard to figure out why that is.

How is it ok for these people to essentially “invade” an area and force their actions as well as belief of expression on people, yet it would be frowned upon for something of the same magnitude to happen in a Christian capacity? Do you not see why people are fearful of Biblical truths and spiritual beliefs? Why is it they can accept this pot of death, destruction, evil, torment, spells, magic, and other trash but not look at something filled with purpose, joy, truth, sacrifice, and happiness? The answer is simply because they have allowed a cloud of darkness to overshadow their judgment, without even knowing it. They are being controlled and molded by this form of distraction. Another thing is evil doesn’t like the presence of good and darkness can never overcome light. So when something good is presented it is easy to see the reaction of anger, hatred, and fear be present within the minds of people who have allowed darkness to control them. Can you not see that there is something greater at work here trying to encourage people to want to be surrounded by death? Why else would there be such a glorification of it and presentation of it being something “good”? Last time I checked not many people “wanted” to die, but more and more are warming up to deathlike activities everyday. Why is this becoming the case? Why are we as a society and people in general letting this happen? I don’t see why many can’t see that this is a form of behavioral mind control that will end up in a soul harvest for what the material itself presents, which is evil and death. Evil and death itself are related to Hell, there will be plenty of torment within that realm for these people to experience if they continue to allow this distraction to influence their lives. The truth is simple, yet many are trying to ignore it with their own complications.

If you can read novel after novel and watch movie after movie of horror, death, magic, and the like… what makes it so hard to dip into the Bible? What makes it difficult for someone to watch movies of positivity, joy, hope, faith, and happiness? Why are so many people being fooled by illusions when they are one-hundred percent coherent? It is a sad day knowing that many people are allowing themselves the introduction to various distractions, which in turn are effecting them for the worse. There are signs everywhere to be seen or as some want to be shown “proof”, it is all around us if you allow yourself to become aware of it. You can’t go mountain climbing without the appropriate gear ladies and gentlemen. If you wish to be able to obtain reason and understanding you have to equip yourself for the journey. People these days are stripping themselves the opportunity to experience further success, happiness, and enjoyment because they aren’t aware of the spiritual warfare. I don’t see how they can view this deathly “entertainment” as enjoyable when it encompasses all of those dark characteristics mentioned before. There shouldn’t be any criticism toward entertainment or creations that involve encouraging or inspiring someone to become better in their lives because it is something that everyone strives for. No one wants to fail, they want to succeed, and they want to embrace rewards that make them happy. So again I will ask why is there this obsession with death? For those who do not believe in Jesus Christ, doesn’t death mean the end of all this around you? Why would you celebrate something like that if you do not want to die? If you have the fear of what is to come through death, why surround yourself with it through various media? Why allow the consumption of your time, energy, and mind space be with this stuff? Make a conscious decision to step away from it and find something more worthwhile and beneficial like the Bible perhaps.

For those who are Christian, why is there even a need to spend time getting involved with this stuff outside of possibly learning about how to counter it? There is no reason to partake in any of this nonsense other than to defeat it and prevent it from becoming prevalent in society. We do not want to help support these actions and thoughts, so please be careful with what it is you do regarding these materials. Your time is better spent elsewhere taking in other materials and financing other works. Hasn’t there been enough death and corruption in this world? Why do we need to see it reinvented in new ways through media? There needs to be a movement to replace this material so it can be diminished. Acknowledge the facts that there is more to it than just a simple story, take part in strengthening yourself properly so you can inform those lost within it to get out while they still can. Nobody can argue that entertainment doesn’t effect one’s behavior because it does, now if only these people out there can become aware of what exactly it is they are taking in maybe there can be a change for the better. A positive change needs to be made and it needs to happen soon, we all need to take part in this effort.

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