Do you make decisions with your head or heart
The constant worry of how others view
Tends to halt any potential progress from the start
To erase such barriers makes for a better you
Not concentrating on thought, but rather what’s the best thing to do

How is it you remember someone
Is it through what you first thought
Or rather the impact they made when it was all said and done
Something refreshing and new that they brought
That no one else before them quite did

Many tend to overlook the hidden emotions
Because today has such a materialistic stylist perspective
In everything that involves another person

Where have the raw feelings gone that made social contact relative
Technological dimness has seemed to overshadow and desensitize
The minds of all of us who wish we had more love and less deception

Let yourself be free from the conformity
Don’t be judgmental in the act of meeting
Progression comes through bonding
Which happens with comfort and lack of complexity

Opening the door of your heart is never easy
The mind has a tendency to erase pain
Whereas the heart can remain stained

Yet, without risks there is no reward in society
So we can only ask for change politely
And become influenced to spread positivity
Allowing ourselves and others around us to be pleased

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