I lie awake wondering of my future
What will be in store for me
My eyes opened wide looking to the sky
With God’s light gazing through into my mind

I have an open heart and many dreams
Yet I don’t know where to start or what to redeem
Much to be determined in the years to come
Will I remain humble or stray away for stardom

Why does the path I want to take
Have to be so demanding of my emotion
The pressure overpowering my will, it shakes
Testing my drive to continue on, or
Allow it to cascade down and break my foundation

Blind aspects of a materialistic endeavor
Being so ever clever to cause doubts that
Are beginning to plague my outlook on that lifestyle
Trying to keep ahold of my true desires, while I advance
Wonderin if I can hold on to my strength all the while
Make it through the hardships with a 100% chance
Of success to keep true to what I believe I should do

Why oh why do things have to be so hard to decide
My mind wandering around so much, thoughts trying to hide
Can’t master this everlasting antic of despair
To care of what people think of my works

Keeping ideas fresh and creating something new
Is harder than it looks, but I’m sure you may have knew
Having that last success on your resume
Doesn’t make the feeling go away
Of having the pressure to perform a little better

So continuing on to progress in the correct steps
Isn’t always an easy option for me to express
With others following my every move
Seeing their experiences, mistakes, and mess
Inspires me even more with what to stress

Keeping the ideas fresh with importance
Is something I would like to keep key
Because I want to deploy deep meaningful messages
To the audience that listens to me
Deep depictions circling around my persona
Poking at my inner existence
What will be the next thing to commence
In this mysterious aura of my accomplishments

Worrying about the fact of jealousy
Keeping things in perspective, to respectively
Honor what has been givin to me
And not let anything alter my drive
To continue to prosper and believe
That I can achieve all of my dreams

You see life can be enlightening
While not knowing what directions to follow
You are holding yourself back allowing sorrow
To reap the benefit of indecision

That is what can make or break a soul
At any given time now or down the line
And I aspire to continue to reach my goals
One by one, time after time

As the time ticks by
I still continue to lie here asking why
The world throws so much at me
To try and distract me from being what God wants
This being my reason to acquire broad knowledge
While containing a valid sense of his message

This cycle occurs within many and remains vastly hidden yet ever so deep….

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