Laying in bed, eyes closed
Entranced in a deep sleep
Life seems so much easier in dreams
Anything is possible, goals exposed

What a euphoric sense of esteem
Replenished by the feeling of no gravity
The theme continues in this scene
With everything occurring being a positively
Encouraging and enjoyable experience to the extreme

No room for nightmare or tragedy
Eyes still closed emptiness fulfills
The spots that stress normally fill
Falling in love with the idea of possibly
Being in this trance forever still

You know you will soon awake
Back to the realness of mistakes
And expectation that you have yet to meet
Once again relishing in this feeling
You finally open your eyes and rise to your feet

The option of going back into a falsity
Or to go make something of those dreams
Now lies in your decision making for reality
What pathway is it you choose to be

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