1st Verse:

Walkin blindly into the world’s abyss
Hotly contested ideas flowin from my conscience
The lives around me stirrin up a flurry
With my sensitive side I’ve begun to worry

The irregular heartbeat within me begins to show
All with my mentality of faith still to grow
Now I see why it is my blood flows
For the purpose and message of the one who knows

Still plenty of questions lie in waitin
As I go out with some answers and start debatin
These people that have yet to solve the mystery
So they can experience a life filled with glory

The tide rolls and flowers still bloom
While the world continues toward an untimely doom
Many drownin in problems above their head
Lookin to be saved and cleared of their debt

That’s simply why…

2nd Verse:

Playin the hide and seek game unconsciously
Lookin to fill a hole in life one can feel, but can’t see
Yet, many still won’t take the time to believe
Anything that requires faith in order to be redeemed

Troublin that guns and violence take precedent
In the hoods of the many inner city elements
Spannin right through to the beaches of the elegant

Hard to walk forward while your knees frantically shake
And your mind is havin to always deal with aches and pains
Tryin to obtain power through the makin of mistakes
Keeps breakin people down like an everlastin earthquake

With mentalities still fallin apart, life keeps on goin
Which is why it appears people always be foldin
Many refusin to believe in the way of love
Just showin they need to stop resistin and look to God above

That’s simply why…

3rd Verse:

Women be afraid today to accept a date
Because of the fear they have gettin raped
It isn’t fair that they’re losin respect
Havin it replaced by gettin viewed just as a sex object

Drugs and alcohol need to take a back seat
On this everlastin ride of life’s journey
No need to ruin any of your senses or gifts
All for a little social experiment of friendship

Allowin this darkness to blanket over our land
Is a dirt we need to wash from our hands
Rivers flowin polluted solutions
Much like the bickerin about changin the constitution

I don’t see the relativity in hate
When created we were destined for a better fate
The consistent human disregard for harmony
Has to prove the answers lie within spirituality

That’s simply why…

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