Staring at all the lights and signs
Time shifting around me constantly
People looking into my eyes deliberately
Seeking an answer or posing an antic
To deliver me some sort of responsibility

Seeing is believing you say
Then why don’t you believe such things
As pornographic material being a blindly
Sadistic mentality that toys with your human sensations
Causing so many problems here within and without our nation

Many see it everyday and say they enjoy
When it is taking trouble and trying to deploy
A mentality for you to destroy
What goodness and value you have left in your moral decency
To stay true to yourself and stay away from risks of an STD
Look at the facts and results of the spread in HIV

Trouble over here, trouble over there
Kids gettin raped and no one seems to care
Sure a small few try to do what they can
And God Bless them for their plan
But so many people turn the could shoulder
Sometimes making a difference is as difficult as moving a 2 ton boulder

Why oh why to this day do people try to envy death
Taking their own lives smiling before their last breath
Thinking they are doing something good for themselves
When they do not know what evil will be in store
For them within the great wake of the earth’s core

Innocent people gettin placed in the wrong space
Trying to enjoy what time they have left on this place
Just to get robbed of their lives
Because some other person seems to find
It appropriate to pull a trigger or detonate a bomb
While potentially walking down the street or enjoying a prom

You never know today what types of things you’ll see on TV
Hear on the radio or watch in movies
Nothing anymore seems to be off limits
Because there doesn’t seem to be any sensitivity
Anymore to anything evil, we just welcome it
Continuing to chomp at the bit
For these plentiful evils that lie within these elements

Unconsciously taking in the harm
Creating hate that doesn’t discriminate
Allowing waves of unpleasantness to incriminate
The mind of the innocent, setting off an alarm
That doesn’t hesitate to portray the wake
Of a mistake that they will regret
If given the chance to look it over again

Perfection being sought after like a hundred dollar bill
It is amazing to see what people will do these days for a thrill
Hating something or someone for no apparent reason
To try and get laughs from the people around their circle
Jokes, bitterness, physical pain, and treason
Of what is normally true to their own reasonable decision

Beyond belief many things seem to be
How can people try not to believe
That the greatness beyond them can be achieved
Sadly, continuing on the horror of allowing pains to endure
Seems to be the residing action of our culture

Don’t pollute, save the animals, save the trees
But what the heck why would you agree to kill babies
What were you when you were in the womb
What do you think would become of a fetus
If you let it grow instead of creating it a tomb

I don’t see how people think drugs are good
When they take them it just blurs their intuition
To think that they can avoid their situation
Of responsibility to makes things more pleasant
Just wish they could do what they should
And get rid of them please if you would
Face up with what’s going on and live in the present

Alcohol is the new handshake
Many people having the belief you can drink
Away all of your mistakes and take away your heartache
Little do they know they are just wasting themselves away
When they could be doing someone else a favor that day

Many situations continue to go on unseen
Probably because people choose to ignore
The facts of what can cause your sensitivity to bleed
Making a difference seems to be too much of a chore
For those viewing these heinous acts continuing
To show no remorse for the people suffering of course
Is it too much to ask for you to use the gift of compassion

Everyone needs help, some more than others
Remembering nobody is perfect is key
But being aware of your surroundings
Is what makes you better off with one another

Money isn’t everything, yet many people seem to think it is
Why would you buy something foolish when others continue to struggle just to feed their kids
Just seems overly selfish to me
That people like to see vast amounts of jewelry
Wrapped around their wrists and neck
When that could easily be a nice little charity check

Sometimes I can hardly sleep
Without thinking over some things that have been said to me
Knowing some people want to try and put me 6 feet deep
But continuing to know God is carrying me is what keeps me
Unafraid of living my life day to day
Potentially putting myself out of harms way
Advancing my knowledge and continuing to pray
That tomorrow will be ok
For me, my friends, and my family… which pretty much means everybody

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