Doin Me

1st Verse:

Growin up in my city
K-12 education I was a minority
I can see why they looked at me differently
Talkin behind my back constantly

Yeah they got to know me
Then there was some silence finally
But kids will be kids mentally
There was always somethin to tally

Against what I stood for or what I could do
Never knowin the full truth
Bashin cause I could rhyme and dance
C-walk to moonwalk like MJ glidin like a champ

Voted the best at senior choice
Yet haters remained with a loud voice
Couldn’t comprehend the ice on my neck
Jealousy creeped in instead of respect

Whatever though they be in the past
I am in the future and I’ll continue to rap
No holdin me back with slurred words
I do it for Christ not for the obsurd

Forward I walk in this battle
Milkin all these beats like cattle
Keep the hate comin though critic, it won’t get me rattled

2nd Verse:

Goin to the University
Was a bit of a culture shock physically
All the beautiful women prancin
Treadin the ground of the Spartan

Kept marchin forward with the adjustment
Ballin like I did back when on the pavement
People hatin on the skills
That pushed me through an athletic thrill

Gettin big on the sticks, LAN active
Meetin kids through four shot antics
Jealous of the precision in my coordination
How I got so good, they be wonderin

Don’t hate the player hate the game
The instance of a literal cliche
Just livin it up in the land of Green
Spartan city platinum East Lansing
None other like it, four years of clarity

Yet, still you got the jealousy
Others throw my way consciously
Since they lack that degree
In all that I was experiencing
Just accept it, I’ll always be doin me

No one can stop it, it’s all too legitimate

3rd Verse:

Post grad alumni solider
Couldn’t fathom my mind if I told ya
So you contemplate the reality
Of what it is that I believe

Many criticize the life i’m livin
When love is all I’ve ever given them
Hypocrisy is real in the game
Two faced expressions, quite a shame

Not knowin what I’ll hear next
Is always rather adventurous
People like to give their judgements
But I only accept that predicament
From the one and only being
Responsible for me existing

I look to the sky every time
I hear these negativities
So good luck overcoming
The power that created everything

In due time I hope you realize
Your contribution of despisement
Won’t ever halt the matter behind my eyes
In my heart lives a strength glorified

To Christ I surrender not to you haters
I’ll always move forward despite your words
So step back and watch me spread somethin greater
Cause this is the plan of my Savior

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