You look outside and see the weather changin
Much like the fate these days of our nation
Quite drastic in rate, especially in Michigan

The notion of commotion is ever growing
With the rate of decay exploding
Is it that we are really all that unknowing
Or just ignorant to the point of not understanding

You only live once, plenty of angles to take
Many use that as an excuse to be reckless
While others know there is far more at stake
If you are aware of this, then you better get it right
Since once is just a single try, no time to be careless

So you want an experience
Than make it worthwhile
Not just to yourself, but other citizens
Show some class, a loving style

Critical seismic activity
Not just the force of tsunami’s
But the ways in which we perceive
The fact of overall well being

There are guidelines that span generations
Don’t tell me they don’t apply to our situations
Considering they’ve predicted many of them
Hysteria on the rise because of mysterious items

Open your eyes and mind
These are indeed the end times
Learn what it is you value
So all these statistics of mishaps don’t represent you

Choose the side that shines
Don’t let darkness consume your attitude
I don’t know many that can see without light
So use it as the guidance of your life, become aware of the feud
Don’t fall away into the pit of temptation whatever you do
God is love, Christ made the sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit is bright with life

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