Election Day Charade

The continued hype every four years
Brings forth a time where an election occurs
There is one fateful day
That will portray how the next will be displayed

Two sides battle for a higher percentage
But can either truly remove the suffrage
That the nation faces day after day
By simply just saying everything will be ok

Too many instances continue to surpass
These promises that both seem to make
Neither can do what my president can do for the masses
Each can react and say there will be no mistakes

In each case there will continue to be problems with this place
No one can guarantee anything
Even if they do say it with a serious look on their face
The future is mysterious and has unexpected happenings
That can’t possibly be foretold by a candidate

The two men being presented are only human
Both will falter like previous men did
This won’t be an answer to our problems
Just a replacement lead for our current situation

If you want to see change that bad
Take personal responsibility and devote
Your time to a more worthy cause than just to this one day
Of placing an X next to a name
Go proclaim good deeds as the way to be

Enact those throughout the judicial system
Make that the majority rule in this democracy
Because without the right direction
It doesn’t matter which candidate wins
This world will still be the same no matter who leads this country

The president of the universe can help make changes
That no one in their imaginations
Could even dream up
If you just allow his spirit to fill your cup

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