I find it funny I’m no psychic
I don’t really believe in that aspect
However I speak with the dead
Not me to them, but them to me through memories

I remember a few loved ones and some friends
Who have passed away before I really knew what they meant
I remember back in the days of K-12 growin up
There were a few whose lives crossed mine
Not knowin what was in store for them at that time

During the process of that part of life
It was just natural to play sports or say hi
It’s not until now though that I can grasp
What it is that I was meant to learn through them in the past

These memories are shapin up a frame of a man
Who is no longer unwilling to listen
How to reach out and extend a hand
Even with no intentions of doing so when the day began

Who knows the time that your clock will expire
There really isn’t any way to figure it out
Thinkin back on family times sittin around a camp fire
What it was like to see and talk about
Happy times in the midst of a life that seemed endless

Unfortunate things come each day
That is what keeps our emotions at bay
There have been situations that I have since replayed
In my head that were done years ago by certain persons

I guess it is better late than never
To learn why that particular memory occurred
To one day help me to remember
That there is a reason to experience such treasures

Like a typical puzzle, piecin it all together
Sometimes you just can’t see the picture
At the exact moment that you wish
But rather later on when it is meant to aid the adventure

It’s always sad to look into the casket
But good to remember all the meaningful times you had
Nobody can ever take away the times that had came
Since they are embedded in the mind where forever they’ll stay

They were meant to reflect back to
To contribute something new
Each time that you looked at them
So on this day in question you know what to do

Pay attention to detail
There is bound to be somethin you missed initially
That will now aid your journey
In seeing clearly what that time was meant to be

I forever miss the people I’ve met who’ve died
It is sad to envision their family that cried
I feel blessed to have had the chance to cross their path
Before it was their time to venture into the skies

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