Laying back taking each breath
Unknown and lost in what will come next
The minds eye has a certain design
That it tries to paint as the only guideline

Individual sight, human flaws
Make it nearly impossible for one to know
What pathway correctly emphasizes what you saw
When that dream came of you reaching your goal

Hills and valleys hinder the ease in which you want to travel
You obtain success just to be thrown back down into the gravel
Not exactly the idea you had back when
Then it remains time and time again

The timing of plan and execution isn’t your own
More variables shape the journey of your life that is to unfold
We get lost in personal endeavors
Seeking temporary and immediate pleasures
That lead us away from the glory of favor
Which continues to be restored to us by a loving savior

The image that remains embedded in our heart and DNA
Is the insignia of a cross, which paid for our sins
And made us capable of recovering and improving upon our mistakes
The symbol that leads us to the promised security of love and Heaven
Will never fail us as long as we seek to reach its destination through the Son

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