Expectations always arise
Whether you are aware or it is a surprise
Something tends to shape shift in the plan
That we had when it all first began

At times pushing forward toward common goals
Pressured by others to fulfill a certain task
What more is there I have to control
Let me figure things out in time, is that so much to ask

Pleasantries left at the doorway
Life seeping into the area of gray
Shady elements cascading over my pathway
Getting content with this new display
Of developments that is keeping progress at bay

Life can’t progress for the ones who are lazy
There is no value falling into the status of a bum
The directions on life’s map are getting hazy
I don’t need much success, just some

Where has the drive gone away to
When can I expect the energy to come back
Determination still involved in all that I do
But motivation after disappointment continues to lack

Playing the waiting game
Putting a roadblock in the way I need to pursue
When will there be no more mind games
Keeping a positive attitude is often tough to do

Acquiring the difference maker in these moments are key
Everyone is or has been in a similar situation
So the fact that it is happening to us isn’t a conspiracy
We just need to harness the energy to prevail over this frustration

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