Enhance Yourself

The darkness tries to rain down and smother the light
Media plots and distinct messages through fame
Try to overshadow the glory and power of God’s might
Through individuals like you and I who are faithful to His name
We get chastised for making even the slightest statement
Whenever it is we try to shed the knowledge of his commandments

The world and its inhabitants try to make us go through the motions
When we are created for much more than the typical
Getting saved and accepting the role of being called by the Son
Is far greater than anything that can be obtained by notoriety or material

Many flee at the thought of a challenge
Too worried about what others may think of them
Rather than the disappointment they provide to Heaven
When they don’t obey the directions of their given passage

Doubt continues to cloud the judgement of the focus in the mind
But never seems to fail when it means personal success in a short time
The best and greatest achievements take a long time to apprehend
For the struggle and rough road make you truly appreciate the achievement

We can’t continue to hide away and be afraid
Standing out amongst the rest is what we as Christians were meant to do
Sacrifice is intended and part of the journey to display
The great love and respect God has for the masses if they listen
For tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and to try your hand at his plan for you
Is better to have happen than to have any form of regret keeping your progress at bay

Be bold and trust in Him who wrote your story
For He the author contains the best ending
Free will to create your own edits is provided
But it is better to be polished by God who is perfect
Rather than human intuition that allows flaws to collide
Causing a rift to the gift that is intended for each and every citizen

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