What is up with the pressure today?
Causing destruction within many of these ladies?
I wonder how someone has the nerve to say
That someone else’s body isn’t ok
What concern is it of theirs
Especially if the person themselves doesn’t seem to care

Having trouble defining what beauty really is?
Why is there so many different definitions?
Whether or not it is being thick or thin
Shouldn’t matter as much as what is within

I don’t see why woman need the added stress
Us guys should stop causing this mess
Of having girls feel under appreciated in their heads
It is important to build them up instead

They don’t need to be told how to look
Women themselves have enough to focus on
Without having to worry about what they’re being judged upon

Yeah we guys all tend to have our fantasies
But what is most important is a woman’s self esteem
It is important to help them achieve their dreams
Not hinder their thoughts of how their image seems

It isn’t good to have these women feel numb
To the pressure of listening to us
Continuing to act in such a way is pretty dumb
Helping them believe in themselves is more of a plus

I can’t stand how some try to make a point
By diminishing a woman’s inner self, making her seem
As if she is something equivalent to a disappointment
We are all humans, all on the same team
No one is perfect so stop the appointments
Of trying to fix this mental illness
With a surgery that you think will progress
Your quality amongst our society
Improving a physical attribute that has nothing
Wrong to begin with, stop trying to impress
Those that are unkind in your journey
Of becoming something else that makes you happy

Trying to fulfill everyone’s expectations is a battle that you can’t ever win
So why even try to begin
There isn’t anything out there worth an eating disorder
Or even attempting to be physically tampered with

Perfection can’t ever be obtained ladies and gentleman
So please pretty please be at ease
With what you have been given
The chase of that battle isn’t worth livin

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