Life today in a wish, yet a dream
Caught up in idolatry of stardom
Cold hearted cut off from reality
Facing hard times, rough lines, and insecurity

Focus on the fat stacks of greenbacks
Clouding the judgment hanging one like a coat rack
It’s whack like a broke down Cadillac
That the loss of jobs and family probs
Are leaving such a massive wake of emotional blobs

Picture perfect evil is incessantly corrupting
All of those who are getting tested constantly
No holds barred, caught in a bedlam of conflict
Troubled souls, lost comfort, creating more convicts

So the story goes laying in a polluted sea
Madness stirring drowning your self esteem

People searching for treasure in every endeavor
But lack the sense of finding the answer always and forever

They push away the correct fact of the matter
Since they’re afraid of being changed for the better

The gift was sent to create what we know as Christmas
Battered and broken in the end
For the sins we’ve all committed

A blood stream that cleanses
Waiting to flow through your senses
Biblical truth getting publicized to the masses
Should now more than ever be the concluding consensus

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