What is the number one leading aspect of someone’s life? There really isn’t one true answer because we all enjoy different activities and lifestyles. The one thing we all do have in common is the hope for things to get better than they currently are. There is something that lies within everyone for there to be some sort of improvement in their life, whether it is just for one situation or something significant that changes their entire life. Everyone has a form of faith whether they acknowledge it or not is a different story. There are people that do in fact base a lot of their life around a particular faith, which is opposite of the many others that just don’t put much weight into the word or idea itself. How can there still be some people that think faith isn’t even real? Do they not have faith in waking up the next day, taking their next breath, keeping their balance when standing up, or being able to talk the next time they need to? Faith comes in many forms and for someone to say that faith cannot exist makes completely no sense. Faith is within everyone that ever lives.

Frequently there are those that question the faith of another person. There becomes questions that arise through the actions they may see another particular individual partake in that seem different. Many wonder why it is certain people “can” act differently given the same situations they may face and handle them differently. When you spend time around people who stay true to the word faith you can definitely see a difference as opposed to those who don’t believe in it. The funny thing is to not believe in something means you have a thought or idea a.k.a. a faith that it isn’t real or doesn’t exist making it false. So again whether people acknowledge it or not, they do in fact partake in a form of faith. It doesn’t matter how much you try and hide from something it can always find you. What is it that makes you have certain beliefs or viewpoints? What do people use as the explanation to describe how they feel? A lot of people say they have to experience it through their own senses first in order to then be able to believe. Faith is the number one definition for belief, no matter how you come about obtaining that viewpoint you then have the faith in it from there on out.

Although there are some people that say you either have faith or you don’t, it doesn’t change the fact that everyone experiences it in some form. Some people choose to not allow themselves the chance at true faith, while others just blindly obtain it through some of the various forms explained above that can occur simply in everyday living. Why is there a struggle over such a simple word? Why is there even any debate on whether or not this can be something to be discussed as true or false? What do you think is the reason there is a controversy surrounding this word? The are various answers that could be apparent in this case, not because of the word itself… but rather how it is exercised by different people. Faith is attached to religions more often than any other form of behavior or belief. This system is what separates different people from grasping the true definition of faith. Many people apply certain things to the word that don’t fully define what it can mean. The problem with that though is faith is indeed a divine emotion and thought. Being the characteristic of faith is enabled and instilled within all of us, what does that tell you?

In the case of there being that unique presence of faith within us humans, why do you not hear about faith being involved in any other species that resides on this planet? Faith is yet another indicator of humans being a result of something different than the rest of the inhabitants. So this raises the point of showing another factual argument toward a divine truth. There are signs everywhere if you pay close enough attention that can reveal a spiritual presence. The influences alone should give enough cause to people showing them that faith is required to make a choice, much like waking up in the morning trying to decide what you might wear. When you decide the direction you want to take driving or simply maybe a job choice, there is a choice that needs to be made in regards to faith. What is it that you will allow your characteristic of faith to latch on to? Will it just be the everyday living experiences you take part in such as breathing, walking, thinking, tasting, and senses in general? If you can have faith in those things working each time you test them, why can you not have faith in something having created those senses to work together? How is it possible to not embrace the facts of conflict, war, hatred, encouragement, inspiration, and morality being in battle with each other. Usually when you hear about battle there is a reason behind it. What is it that is the reason for constant battle throughout all stages of life and in all places around the world?

The answers are there for you to find if you so decide to search for them. If you had the proper insight upon faith you could know and see these various tactics of two different sides. What side is it that you think has influenced you the most just by looking at what your life is like at this particular moment in time? Are you benefiting yourself physically and mentally? How about those around you, what are your relationships and interactions with other people like? Where do those unexplained emotions and feelings come from do you think? There are built in mechanisms within your mind that are unexplained, but they in fact still work toward effecting you throughout life’s journey. Open your heart to the realization that something greater grants you such characteristics. However, there is a choice to be made in which side you will allow to influence your given characteristics. Analyze the word faith and see how it applies to your life. Obtain the proper faith so that can get you to your full potential.

Honestly people the idea of F.A.I.T.H. is rather simple because it is For All In The House. We all call planet earth our home which in essence correlates to the definition of a house. There is a point in time in which we will live in that house and then leave. The question is will you accept the faith that grants you the key to the house of the creator of it all or will you ignore it? What is it that you think makes you not believe in God? What is the main reason you have doubts? What is it that makes you believe in God, but deny the fact of Christ? How can you not think that he would have enough love for his creation to send his Son to save it? When you have a child or some other form of creation that you’ve had a part in making, do you not have an overwhelming love towards that specific child or item… one that you would make sacrifices for? Why is it that you think God wouldn’t visit the place he created? The people that build cities or houses either visit or live there soon after to ensure improvement and decency to their structures, so wouldn’t it be viable for God to do the same thing? How could Jesus Christ not be seen as the Son of God? Has there been anyone else over the course of history to show the power of God himself to the earth? Where have we seen a person be able to perform the same amount of miracles or have such an extensive influence over the course of history? There hasn’t been any similar times or people for that matter. Why is it the tomb remains empty in which Christ was placed? You can still visit it to this day, it was because he rose again and ascended to Heaven. Where do you put your faith? Is it in the form of living paycheck to paycheck or do you have a better place in which to invest your faith?

Think to yourself where you would place your most precious of gifts. Faith is a gift and where you place it can have a huge effect on how everything else pans out. A good earthly example of this is financial investments, people place a lot of stake in financial gain since money is needed to help the course of living. Where do most people put their money? The smart people put it in safe protected areas that are secure and of positive gain. Nobody likes to put their money into risky negative situations, now do they? Depending on how you invest money plays a big role on the type of lifestyle in which you can live over the course of your life, am i right? Faith is much the same way, if you put it in the wrong areas life won’t be as fruitful as it could be for you if you would’ve placed it in the proper experience. Put your faith in the truth, the word of God, and his Son that sacrificed his life for you so you could be saved from eternal torment. Faith again is For All In The House, which house is it that you want to live in… a nice sturdy luxurious house or a worn down beaten house? Another example could be with jewelry seeing there are real materials and brands to choose from using specific items, while also having many illusions out there that are similar but in fact fakes. Most times the fakes have negative effects and aren’t nearly as well crafted all around. Heaven is the real graceful all around well built sturdy kingdom, where as Hell is the fake temptation built out of jealousy that is only an illusion and is of poor quality. Unlike jewelry, in this instance to obtain the luxury and truth of Heaven you just have to receive the gift of Salvation rather than spend some expensive amount of money. Let your faith find the right place to be invested, so your life can experience the blessings it was meant to have now and for eternity.

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