When I ask the question, what do you want in life?
Most of the responses that I get is 1 word in length
That one word is a word that is quite common
That one word is the word fame

It is a shame, that people will throw it all away
Just for the chance of getting in the game
So much time wasted day after day
Trying to acquire this so called thing known as fame

What is the big draw?
Why is this so attractive?
When did you last see someone truly happy that had it?
What is it about yourself you would want known?

Fame is overrated
The average person now experiences to much pressure
What amount when you’re famous do you think you will endure
People sadly don’t think about how much more they can also be hated

Sorry to put a damper on your plans
But fame itself doesn’t bring much happiness
You could be in the sky this month, then back down in the sand
I wonder if I asked the show of hands in the room
How many people would be blinded by this pathway of doom

Fame can bring you exposure, sure
But can’t you expose yourself without the elements
That receive many of these judgements
That take fame and pull it through the gutter

Money isn’t everything
Either is seeing your face everywhere
Try helping everyone

Because respect is more attractive than shame
And being there for someone is better than fame

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